Made by us, Perfected by you.

Just like you,

we wanted a way to manage our smart home devices while on-the-go. We sought a solution that would blend seamlessly into our lives and provide intuitive controls, not just a one-size-fits-all product like those we saw on the market. So, we took the only logical next step —we set out to build the products we wanted in our own homes.

Three years later, we've created customized solutions that allow you to have full control of your smart home devices, no matter where you are. We're passionate about convenience, and pride ourselves on knowing what you need before you know you need it.

Customized Experiences.

Customized Experiences.

We promise to be continually innovating and evolving, considering the scenarios that may arise and crafting the perfect solution for your home.

We are the brand that puts the time and effort into the products you want. Something you are proud to have in your home. Something that just, works.


The storyline is the same no matter who we talked to, no matter which forum we posted in, or social media groups we monitored. People are paying a premium for products simply due to the fact that there is very little competition out there.

There was not a company that was willing to stand up for you. There wasn't a company to help you afford technology that makes your life easier, and less stressful. There wasn’t a company willing to sacrifice margins to put quality products in the hands of everyone.

Best Value.

Best Value.

We believe that everyone deserves the best technology and experience, regardless of price. That's why we offer a variety of products at tiered price points, providing the best value on the market today.

Eric Hines.  Chief Executive Officer.
Eric Hines. Chief Executive Officer.
Eric Maycock.  Chief Technical Officer.
Eric Maycock. Chief Technical Officer.
Brianna Gerrity.  Marketing Manager.
Brianna Gerrity. Marketing Manager.
Courtney Werner.  Operations Manager.
Courtney Werner. Operations Manager.

The Team

"We make lives simple through home automation, with smart products and fair prices."

— Eric H. CEO