3 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Smart Home Technology

Earth day is a great time to check-in on your home to see if you're doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Smart Home technology makes this easier than ever!

1. Energy Monitoring

Did you know our Red Series Switches come with built-in Energy Monitoring? 

Be alerted when appliances are using too much energy and locate devices that could be made more efficient with automations! (ie: turning off TVs and computers from power at night)

Monitor energy usage and make adjustments accordingly to save on utilities and reduce your carbon footprint!

2. LED Bulbs

Did you know that LED Bulbs use 25-80% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs? By switching out bulbs for more efficient ones, you'll save money on energy immediately; add the benefits of Ilumin Smart Bulbs on top of that and its an all around win!

3. Not-in-Use Appliances

Pair our 4 in 1 Sensor with Red Series Dimmer to create a more efficient environment while also reducing your energy use by automatically turning off devices not in use or just not needed!

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could be saving up to 10% on your electricity bill by unplugging (or shutting of from power) devices that are not being used. 

Turn off lights when a room is bright enough and turn the lights back on when it gets dark.

Automatically turn on lights when someone enters the room and have lights turn off after room is empty.

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Red Series On/Off Red Series DimmerRed Series Fan + Light

by Brianna Apr 22nd 2020

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