Best Spooky and Smart Home Automations for Halloween

Inovelli’s new Red Series Smart LED Strip has over 45 pre-programmed effects and individually addressable LEDs.

Brianna, Inovelli

The leaves are falling, pumpkins are waiting patiently in their patches, and next you’ll have a fright of ghosts lined up at your porch waiting for candy!

Make your house the coolest one in the neighborhood with Halloween Smart Scenes. Your RGBW Smart Bulbs, LED Lightstrips, and Smart Switches can have their colors set as Orange, Purple, and Green to help create that spooky-atmosphere.

It can also be built up over the month. Setting your LED Bar Color to orange is great for building excitement for Halloween, especially when you have little ones running around the house.

Your LED Bars can be changed to holiday colors to keep your home festive

Your RGBW Bulbs and Lightstrips and even outdoor lights will turn on shades of Orange, Purple, and Green when trick or treaters step up your driveway

Your Halloween Automations can automatically end when trick-or-treating is over

To learn how to set an LED Bar Color select your hub below:



Home Assistant coming soon

HomeSeer coming soon

To learn how to set a Red Series Scene select your hub below:


Hubitat coming soon

Home Assistant


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Red Series On/Off Red Series DimmerRed Series Fan + Lightrgbw bulb

by Brianna Oct 12th 2020

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