Every Light is a Night Light with Default Dim Levels

We all know the feeling of making that dreadful choice at 2 in the morning on our way to the bathroom. Do you turn the lights on and blind yourself, interrupting you or your partner’s precious sleep, or do you keep them off and stumble your way around risking another stubbed toe? By utilizing Inovelli Dimmer Switches you can solve this age-old issue with maximum dim levels!

What are Default dim levels?

These allow you to set a default level for how bright or dim your lights can get when turning them on at certain times. Example: when you press the switch, the lights will only turn onto 10% between the hours of 10pm and 7am.

Default dim levels are not only great for bathroom night lights, they can also extend throughout your house. Planning on getting home late? Don’t wake the kids up with bright hallway lights. Staying up late working on a project? Do just the opposite and set minimum dim levels so you can always see what you’re working on.

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Red Series DimmerRed Series Fan + Light

by Brianna Oct 19th 2020

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