Inovelli's Favorite Smart Lightstrip Scenes and Notifications

Take your smart home to a new level with scene control and notification alerts.

Brianna, InovelliWhat To Do With The All-New Smart LED Strips

Inovelli’s Red Series Smart LED Strip is jam-packed with features. Easily take your smart home to a new level with scene control and notification alerts.

Your house is armed? Lights flash green.

Your garage door was left open? Lights flicker red.

Severe weather incoming? Lights chase blue.

Notifications: Incorporate your lightstrips into your LED Bar notifications that alert you of things most often forgotten!

Scenes: Program up to 15 different pixel effects straight from the controller or pair them with your switch to incorporate your Lightstrips in an entire room's scene!

Looking for more ideas on what to do with your new Smart LED Strips? See what other smart home users are saying in our Community Forums!

This article will walk you through how to setup custom notifications using your Inovelli Red Series Lightstrip & Controller Kit and the LZW45 Device Handler. Notifications are useful if you want to have a heads up visual of an action. For example, you could have your lightstrip blink purple if your front door is unlocked, or chase red if your 4-1 Sensor detects motion between the hours of 10pm and 6am in the living room. It's time to let your imagination go wild!

by Brianna Jan 18th 2021

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