Never Fall Out of Routine with Red Series Scenes

To fall out of a routine is a completely normal thing. Afterall, we're only human! Smart Home technology is able to completely impact our lives - including our routines.

Brianna, Inovelli

A scene is a preconfigured setting for specific devices in a specific location. For example, a smart light switch (just like the ones we sell) can have its LED bar to shine bright green when your teenager leaves the house but forgets to close the garage door.

Scenes allow you flexibility and customization by reducing the amount of time it takes to set up or shut down your home.

Are you planning on having guests over for dinner?

Set a dinner scene by tapping up on your switch three times. You can dim lights, turn off the TVs and turn on dinner music all from one scene!

Planning on leaving for the weekend?

Set an away from home scene that triggers lights to make it look like you're home.

Hosting a holiday party?

Set a scene that disables your door alarms, sensors, and other automations you normally use when your house isn't full of people.

Learn how to setup a Red Series Scene by choosing your hub below:



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Red Series On/Off Red Series DimmerRed Series Fan + Light

by Brianna Jan 4th 2021

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