SmartThings - Smart Dinner Time Scene for Hosting Holiday Parties

The holidays are just around the corner and we're all preparing our shopping lists and figuring out what gifts to get but have you thought about what smart home automations will make party hosting a breeze?

Brianna, Inovelli

Instead of running around the house gathering everyone together for dinner, create a dinner scene. By tapping three times up on your switch the lights and LED bars on switches throughout the house will flash your selected color, letting everyone know it’s time to shut off the football game and head to the table.

Once your scene is complete you can top it off with the perfect dinner setting that dims your lights to 40% creating the perfect ambiance for a cozy and delicious meal.

Choose your Hub below to learn how to set up your Dinner Scene:


Hubitat coming soon

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Products Used

Red Series DimmerRed Series Fan + Lightrgbw bulbRed Series On/Off

by Brianna Nov 9th 2020

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