Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (Zigbee 3.0)

Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (Zigbee 3.0)

Can be used as either an on/off or dimmer. No neutral required (but recommended). If no neutral is present, a bypass is required. Please see, "Device Docs & Disclaimers" section below for more details. Release date is an estimated date.
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Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (Zigbee 3.0)

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Expected release date is Aug 30th 2022

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With over 60 different parameters this smart switch is the most customizable on the market. From setting a default dim level based on the time of day to customizing the color and brightness of the LED bar, rest assured that together with the community, we've thought of everything. Below are a few examples of our favorite features. 

NOTE: These advanced features are only available on compatible hub/gateways such as SmartThings, Hubitat, and Home Assistant. Not available if using Amazon Echo as your main hub. 

  • Scene Control

    Control up to 21 separate scenes (paddle multi-taps). Imagine double-tapping your switch at bedtime and all your smart lights turn off, doors lock, thermostat turns to 68 and notifies you if any of your doors are unlocked. Video: Inovelli 2-1 Switch Turns On Google Home Playlist using Home Assistant

  • LED Notifications

    Have the LED Bar change colors or chase, flash, blink, pulse, etc. to notify you of changes going on in your home. For example, the garage door being left open, the security system being armed, the weather outside starting to rain, or even a text message. The possibilities are endless here.

  • Smart Bulb Mode

    Wire your smart bulbs directly to your smart switch. No more putting tape over light switches or yelling at the babysitter for flipping switches. Smart Bulb Mode allows power to remain at the smart bulb and the switch sends a digital signal to the hub to turn on/off and/or dim the light bulb. Use in combination with Scene Control to change colors! Video: Inovelli 2-1 Switch Smart Bulb Mode using SmartThings

  • Zigbee Binding (Group or Individual)

    Connect your Inovelli Zigbee smart switch directly to another Inovelli Zigbee smart switch or Zigbee bulb (such as Hue) bypassing the hub for extra speed. This function is not available on SmartThings at this time (we are working on it)Video: Inovelli 2-1 Switch + 11 Philips Hue bulbs using Home Assistant.

Perfected By You

Perfected By You

  • Community Built Across the US & Canada

    Our customers and community are the biggest driving force behind our products. All our products through research and development stages are published in our forum so our community members can provide their ideas and suggestions! This allows us to create truly amazing products that work in a variety of different homes. Check out our community and the product device thread here: Project New Horizon.

  • Our Beta Testers are the Best

    We hand select our beta testers from our community. The people we know can test our products to their fullest extent and who we trust to be honest and candid about how we can improve. Luckily, our beta testers have become some of our biggest inspirations, helping us make the products we have today.

  • Under the Hood

    ZigBee Certified (soon to be -- will be at launch) and OTA (Over-The-Air) allows us to keep your switch up to date and future-proof. Combine that with our ZigBee Signal Strength Notifier and a built-in configuration button and your switch is set for any customization you can think of.

Compatible HUBs

Compatible HUBs

Looking for information to setup your new switch? Select your hub below to get to setup instructions, device handlers or drivers.

Advanced Features available on SmartThings, Hubitat, and Home Assistant only.

Find SmartThings specific device info, installation and setup instructions for your 2-1 switch.

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Hubitat Logo PNG Product Page

Find Hubitat specific device info, installation and setup instructions for your 2-1 switch.

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Find Home Assistant specific device info, installation and setup instructions for your 2-1 switch.

Learn More - ZHA | Learn More - Zigbee2mqtt

Find Amazon Echo specific device info, installation and setup instructions for your 2-1 switch.

NOTE: Not all Amazon Echo devices are compatible. Please see the compatibility list at the link below.

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Device Docs & Disclaimers

Device Docs & Disclaimers

Below you'll find links to our digital manual and wiring diagrams. They are hosted in our Community which keeps them up to date. If you notice any mistakes, feel free to reach out and we'll fix it ASAP. Questions? Feel free to reach out to our support!

Instruction Manual

Wiring Schematics

Red vs Blue Series Comparison

Disclaimers: There are some limitations that you should be aware of prior to purchase and they are listed below.

  • Non-Neutral Mode: There are several limitations when using this product in a non-neutral setting.
    • You will have to purchase a bypass and be able to reach your light fixture to install it.
    • Energy/Power monitoring is not available 
    • If installing in a multi-switch setting, you must use an auxiliary switch (you cannot use a dumb/existing switch)
  • Fan Control: This switch does not officially support fans at this time. We've tested it to work for on/off only with max specs of 1A, but UL will not approve this switch to work, so we cannot recommend it.
  • Advanced Features: Animated notifications, scene control, and smart bulb mode are not available on all hubs (the only ones officially supported are SmartThings, Hubitat and Home Assistant).
    • SmartThings Users: with the launch of Edge Drivers, some capabilities may not be available. These include: Animated Notifications and ZigBee Binding. We are working with the SmartThings engineers to get these working properly and plan to have these figured out when the products launch, however, we cannot guarantee it. Notifications will work using a groovy device handler, but ZigBee binding is not available at this time.
  • Installation: We do not help with any electrical questions due to insurance liabilities. If you do not know or understand how to install a switch, please consult an electrician. Your warranty will be voided if we determine the switch was not installed properly.


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