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Change the color of your smart light bulbs to match your clothes, mood, or [insert awesomeness here]. #yes

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We’re excited you’re browsing the smart light bulbs page. If we had to guess, you’re looking for an epic wireless light bulb.  But not just any wireless LED lights, but ones you can control from anywhere in a world. Let’s not stop there, though… no, you want a smart bulb (or bulbs) that can change to a thousand different colors with the push of a button!

Not sure why you need a smart light bulb? It’s ok, we’ve been there before too… Until we realized all the sweet things you can do with a smart light bulb! Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered (click here or see below).

Making lives easier, one smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli™.

The Best Smart Light Bulbs

This may sound silly, but let us describe to you what our smart light bulbs feel like.  Have you ever picked up an object and equated its weight with quality?  For instance, picture two cameras, both look identical, but one feels more, “solid” than the other one.  Which one would you choose, all other things equal?

Same with our smart lightbulbs, you pick them up and immediately think… quality.  Hand-crafted, solid, and made to last a long time.  After all, if you’re going to invest in LED, you’re going to want it to last!

Speaking of investing, we’ve invested in the Z-Wave Certification for all of our smart light bulbs. What that means is that any wireless light bulb we create is put through rigorous testing and is forward and backward compatible with all Z-Wave products, regardless of the brand or year manufactured.

That’s why we believe we have the best smart light bulbs, the best wireless LED lights, and the best Z-Wave light bulbs there are.

Smart Ideas for Your Wireless LED Lights

Need some inspiration for why you need some smart light bulbs?

  • Set schedules to have your wireless LED lights turn on and off at certain times saving you money on your electric bill
  • Have your wireless light bulb turn on and off randomly during certain hours while you’re on vacation, giving the illusion that you’re home
  • Your Z-Wave light bulb can turn on when a door sensor opens, helping you see at night (think, hands full of groceries, barely being able to open the door and it’s pitch black inside… trust us, this is great)
  • If you have multiple door sensors, you can set your RGBW LED bulb (or RGB LED bulb) to turn different colors based on which door is opened (blue for your three year old, pink for your four year old, and red for the front door)
  • Be the envy of your neighbors as you show off your holiday spirit, by coordinating your RGBW LED bulbs (or RGB LED bulbs) colors with the holiday.  (ex: Red, White & Blue for the 4th of July, etc).
The Best Smart Light Bulbs 2016 | The Best Wireless LED Lights 2016 (and wireless light bulbs) by Inovelli

Wireless Light Bulbs You Can Feel Safe Using

We want you to feel safe using our Smart Light Bulbs.  With an ever growing list of manufacturers creating LED lights, you may start to wonder, with prices so low, where are these companies finding savings to drive their costs down?  Most of the time it’s because they choose not to UL or ETL list (which is scary if you’re dealing with 120V of electricity).  Or in the Home Automation industry, some may choose not to certify through the FCC or their respective alliances (ie: Zigbee or Z-Wave).

There will be numerous companies on Amazon that will sell Smart Light Bulbs, Wireless LED Lights, etc and we want to make sure you have the information you need to make a sound decision. A lot of this may be new to you (trust us, we had no clue as a consumer what these icons meant) but the more we researched, the more we felt we needed to include these listings and certifications on our smart light bulbs.

We can sleep great at night knowing our bulbs are UL listed (meaning the wiring has been checked to not be cheaply made) and our bulbs are certified to run the Z-Wave frequency in the United States through the Federal Communications Commission.

And while our prices may not always be the lowest, (hey, we’re trying — see our mission statement) we stand behind our decision to invest in your safety and overall user experience. So, check the Amazon listings, or the boxes of the products you’re interested in for the logos below to ensure your decision meets your standards.

Simplifying lives, one “UL listed, CE Certified, FCC Certified, RoHS Compliant, Z-Wave Certified ” smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli™.

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