Giving Back

Here at Inovelli™, we love to have fun.  We enjoy researching and finding new technology that will make life simpler.  After all, what’s more fun than automating things in this task oriented world?  Our mission as a company is to find and create devices that integrate seamlessly with your home, apartment or wherever you live and bring them to you at a fair and honest price.

But, to us, there’s more to business than just selling products.  We want to give back in a way that make us feel good about us as a company.  We want to help the very people that have helped us along our journey.  As we sat down and brainstormed, a lot of ideas started to surface, and the one we got the most excited about was one called, “Project Down-Payment”.

“Project Down Payment” came from the idea that it is getting harder and harder for people to afford a down payment on a home.  We won’t go into all the reasons, just know, we’ve been there personally.  We like this idea because there are few things more rewarding than getting the keys to your first home and we want to be a part of that process by giving back 5% of our net sales* to our customers to put towards a down payment on a home.

Why are we doing this?  Easy, you know that feeling you get when you give someone a present and you watch them open it and smile?  Who doesn’t like that?  Let us rephrase… what normal person doesn’t like that feeling?  In all seriousness, we’re able and wanting to do this because we’re a small company with no stockholders influencing our decisions.  We want to do the right thing and give back to the supporters of our brand because we’ve had a lot of help ourselves.

(Note: If you already have a home, or enjoy apartment living, that’s fantastic!  If you are selected, use the check to pay rent, explore the world, or pay off some debt!)

So, Feel free to enter your email address and upload a receipt of your purchase of an Inovelli™ product and at the end of the year, we will pick a name and cut a check.  Absolutely no gimmicks, just our way of saying thanks.

We appreciate you, we love you, and most of all, we value your business and want to give back and hopefully make someone smile.  Simplifying lives, one smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli™.

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