NZW36 Troubleshooting

First off, don’t panic! We’re here to help. If you can’t locate an answer below, feel free to contact us and we’ll try to walk you through any questions you may have.

NOTE: The biggest culprit of pairing issues is that the device is too far away from the HUB when initially pairing. If you are having issues pairing, move the device directly next to the HUB and try the pairing instructions again. When complete, you can move your plug to its final destination.

Ok, on to the troubleshooting!

  • I am unable to get my plug to pair to my Z-Wave enabled HUB.
    First, ensure that your plug is within recommended range (up to 100 feet of in-sight range of the controller). Try to minimize the amount of blockages between your device and the Hub. If you are within adequate range, the next thing you can try is to exclude your device first. This is mentioned in the Quick-Setup in Step 3 (on your HUB setup page). The purpose of this is to reset your device and allow it to be included later.Another culprit of not being able to pair is the rate at which you are clicking the LED light during pairing mode. Please make sure you are clicking it 3-5 times within 3 seconds. In addition, make sure the LED light is turning on and off. If the LED light is not turning on/off, please contact us for a replacement as the item is likely defective.
  • When I pair my device to Wink, the wheel keeps spinning, but it never seems to pair. How do I know if it paired or not?
    This is a common issue with Wink and what usually happens is that Wink will throw out an error message on your app that says something like, “This is taking longer than expected… would you like to try again”.The important thing is to watch the color your HUB is flashing. When you are in the pairing/including mode, your HUB will flash blue, indicating it is ready to receive the inclusion command. If, during the pairing/inclusion process, your HUB flashes GREEN, it means your device has paired/included properly. If your device flashes RED, it means it did not include/pair properly.

    If your HUB flashed GREEN and you receive that error message or the wheel just keeps spinning, simply force close your app, re-open it, wait a few seconds and you should see your device under the, “Lights” section.

    If your HUB flashed RED, then please move your device closer to the HUB and try again. If it continues to fail, please contact us for help.

  • What Hubs/Gateways will this work with?
    This smart plug has been tested to work with Wink, Vera and SmartThings. In addition, HomeSeer, Staples Connect and openHAB have been user verified. If it does not work with your Hub, the Hub manufacturer has chosen to block certain capabilities as our product is Z-Wave certified.
  • Will this work with Alexa or Google Home?
    This will work with Alexa and Google Home, ONLY IF you have a Z-Wave Enabled Hub that works with Alexa (such as: SmartThings, Wink, Vera). It will not work with Alexa and Google Home if you do not have a compatible Hub.