Our Smart Home Brands

Being a start-up has some challenges, but we at Inovelli have a passion, not only as a company but as consumers ourselves, to offer the best smart home products on the market. In order to do that we’ve really separated our products and partnerships into two separate categories.

  1. Products that are innovative
  2. Products that exist currently, but cost less than the competition

In full transparency, we have bigger dreams than pocketbooks. Home Automation as we’re sure you’re aware, is an expensive hobby. As a startup, we realized we would never have enough capital to provide all the products we wanted to. There are so many great products out there, as well as so many amazing ideas, that it would take a large company, with millions of dollars to provide them all. But that comes at a cost to the consumer. Those companies have massive overhead and stockholders to please, which drive up the price of the products.

What are we getting at here? Great question. You may have noticed various name-brands on this website. Some from us, and some from other great companies. We’ve partnered with various manufacturers to provide smart home products that do exactly as we’ve set out to do as a company:

We make lives simple through home automation, with smart products and fair prices.

Again, our goals are not to please shareholders, to mark up prices, or take advantage of supply and demand — we are you. We are a consumer as much as we are a business. We all live in smart homes ourselves and are passionate about making them better. It’s an expensive hobby, but we’re here to help.

That’s why we’ve partnered directly with these companies vs trying to buy a ton of inventory and branding it our own. Feel free to click on the brands to learn a bit more about each brand, what they stand for and the products we carry for them.

Thank you for your interest in our brands and happy home automating!

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