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Inovelli® is not only a private company, but a group of consumers just like you who have a passion for Home Automation and what it can do for people’s lives. The full story can be found on our Origins of Inovelli® page, but if you’re a skim reader and want to know in a nutshell what Inovelli® stands for and a brief background about the brand, then this is your page.

Fun fact about the name… we actually had to pay an advertising agency to come up with it. Yep. Our passion lies with smart homes, not coming up with catchy names, so we figured we’d pay the pros to come up with something!

Anyway, below we’ll go into a bit about us as a company, what we stand for, our products and finally offer some additional resources. We hope that by the end of this page, you will learn to like our quirky sense of humor, our products and us as a company.

We hope that you know we are consumers first, and business owners second. We are you (we just have to file 1099’s)!

Inovelli Smart Home Company is located in Kalamazoo, MI

About Inovelli® Home Automation Company

Inovelli, LLC was founded formally in early 2016 in Kalamazoo, MI. We say formally because we, as a group, had been dreaming of forming a business for quite some time. All of us love Home Automation and had spent many hours tinkering in our own homes until one day we thought, what better way to spread the word of Home Automation, then to start selling products!

Sounds crazy, right? It was. However, it bothered us that we, as consumers were paying upwards of $50 for a light switch. A LIGHT SWITCH! Don’t get us wrong, the switch was great, but at $50, it was hard to fit the entire house with them. And so our journey to find out more about where these products came from and how we could get our hands on some.

Along the journey we made a pact to think differently than other home automation companies. That pact is who we are and what keeps us going every day. It boiled down to this:

Always remember that you are your consumer. 

Sounds simple, and we’re sure it may sound cliche to some. But honestly, we are you. We love when new products come out. We love products that make our lives simpler. And of course, we want products at a price that actually seems fair.

Our strategy is simple:

  • Offer products that are innovative
  • Offer products that exist currently, but offer them at a price lower than the competition

Of course, every company thinks that — but here’s the thing… the companies out there probably have the ability to make innovative products, but with millions of dollars of overhead (ie: paying for large factories, employees, etc) and stockholders to please, those products come at a price. That’s not us and we’re here to tell you again, we are you.

Simplifying lives, one smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli®.

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Home Automation Products

Think of Inovelli® branded products as our private stock. These are products that we loved so much that we put our own name on it. As our business grows, the more Inovelli® branded products will be offered.

As stated in our smart home brands page, our dreams are much bigger than our pocketbooks at this point. That’s exactly why you’re seeing limited Inovelli® products and an abundance of Show Home™ branded products.

The great news either way is that ALL of our smart home products are Z-Wave Plus and FCC Certified and as with the Show Home™ Smart Home products, the devices directly connected to a power source are all UL Listed, and the battery powered devices are CE Certified. For more information, and the actual certification papers, please visit the product pages by clicking on the photos below. Happy home automating!

Inovelli Home Automation Company Smart Light Bulb

RGBW Smart Light Bulbs

All Inovelli® smart light bulbs have the Z-Wave Plus Certification which means you’ll get to enjoy all the features Z-Wave Plus has to offer. Since the light bulbs have a constant power source, they also act as Z-Wave signal repeaters, helping to expand your mesh network.

Z-Wave Home Automation Products

ZZW01 | RGBW Z-Wave Smart Light Bulb

Inovelli Home Automation Company Smart Sensors

Smart Door & Window Sensor

The Inovelli® door and window sensor is similar to those on the market today, but are priced less than the competition. Our Door/Window Sensor is Z-Wave Plus, which means 50% longer battery life (up to 2 years), and improved Z-Wave healing for your mesh network.

Inovelli Home Automation Company Smart Door and Window Sensor

KZW22 | Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor