Show Home™ Home Automation Products

Show Home™ is one of the most interesting companies out there. They bring so much to the table in terms of partnering and innovation, that our gratitude never seems like its enough to repay them.

From switches, sensors, outlets, modules, and lightbulbs, Show Home™ has it all and we’re proud to be able to bring these smart home products to you.

Below we’ll go into a bit about the company as well as explore some of the products offered and wrap up with some additional resources. We hope that at the end of this page you feel as confident as we do in our choice to partner with one of the best smart home companies in the world.

About Show Home™ (the Smart Home Company)

Show Home™ was founded in 2009 and is one of four brands owned by the parent company, NIE-Tech Co., LTD. They currently design, develop and manufacture 20+ products for the US market, with worldwide product variations.

What really got us excited to partner with them was their overall eagerness to bring new ideas into the market as well as provide quality products at an excellent price. A great example of this is their Dual Z-Wave Plug-In Module which allows you to control two separate outlets with one module.

Meeting them for the first time was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had and their overall humility was something we’ve never seen before. After talking online for six months, we had the opportunity to meet them at CES. Their booth was one of the best we’ve seen and had a ton of traffic.

Aside from quality smart home products, a fun fact is that their parent company produces many products for some of the top companies in the United States and is a electronics manufacturer for the top retail store chain in the United States.

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Show Home™

Home Automation Products

The Smart Home products by Show Home™ are world-class. All hard-wired devices and plug-in modules come with a UL Certificate (which can be found on each of their product pages), while ALL products are, Z-Wave Plus Certified and FCC Certified, which can also be found on each individual product’s page. All battery powered devices are CE Certified. Feel free to click on each product below to explore the product page further.

Please note that most are coming soon at this time. We are working as fast as we can to bring these to market and will update the pages in due time. Thanks for your patience and happy home automating!

Show Home Home Automation Smart Plug-In Module

Show Home™
Plug-In Smart Modules

Show Home™ Smart Plug-In Modules serve two purposes. The first is obviously allowing you to turn any outlet into a smart outlet. The second is that they are actually Z-Wave Plus Repeaters, which will extend your Z-Wave range and ultimately your mesh network.

Show Home In-Wall Smart Outlets

Show Home™
In-Wall Smart Outlets

All Show Home™ smart outlets have the Z-Wave Plus Certification which means you’ll reap all the benefits Z-Wave Plus has to offer. Since the plugs have a constant power source, they also act as Z-Wave signal repeaters, helping to expand your mesh network.

Show Home Home Automation In-Wall Smart Light Switch

Show Home™
Smart Light Switches

The Show Home™ in-wall light switches are similar to those on the market today, but are priced less than the competition. All our Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Switches act as repeaters as well, making your smart home more reliable, your range further and more secure.

Show Home Smart Home Sensors

Show Home™
Smart Home Sensors

Show Home™ offers a variety of smart home sensors that will help you monitor the most important aspects of your home. Currently in production are: door/window, smoke, gas, and water. All are Z-Wave Plus allowing them to have 50% longer battery life.


NZW36 | On/Off Plug-In Module

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart Plug In Outlets and Modules

NZW38 | On/Off Smart Plug
(With Power Monitoring)


NZW39 | Dimming Smart Plug

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart In-Wall Outlets

NZW32 | On/Off Smart Outlet

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart In-Wall Outlets

NZW32P | On/Off Smart Outlet (With Power Monitoring)

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart In-Wall Switches

NZW30 | On/Off Smart Switch

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart In-Wall Switches

NZW31 | Dimming Smart Switch


NZW1103 | Smart Smoke Sensor


NZW1106 | Smart Gas Sensor