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Energy saving lamp and small appliance plugs that are literally “plug & play”. #plugjokes

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Congratulations!  You stumbled upon one of our favorite pages. A page dedicated to smart plugs.  What’s so fascinating about a smart plug?  Glad you asked. These little devices simply plug into your ordinary outlet, and create a plug-in switch if you will, allowing you to control small appliances, lamps (by turning them on/off and even dimming — please select the appropriate model).

Setup is a breeze with these Z-Wave enabled smart plugs.  Simply connect your plug-in switch to your favorite Z-Wave enabled HUB/Gateway, connect, and now you have an app controlled outlet!  It truly is that easy.  Remember, all of our smart plugs (actually all of our smart products) have video and written tutorials in case you’re new to the industry and need some help (hey, we all start somewhere)!  You can find all our tutorials by visiting:

What can our smart plugs be used for?  To start, they can control lights, which is great for security purposes, as well as saving energy by setting schedules for your lights to go on and off (hence the name energy saving plugs). In addition, you can use the plug-in switches to control small appliances (such as a coffee maker, water boiler, etc) to turn on when you come home, saving you time.

Best of all, our smart plugs are put through rigorous certification processes (UL Listing, Z-Wave, CE & FCC), ensuring you have a product you can trust to perform when you need it to.

Not sure why you need a smart plug? It’s ok, we’ve been there before too… Until we realized all the sweet things you can do with an app controlled outlet! Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered (click here or see below).

Making lives easier, one smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli™.

The Best Smart Plugs

Smart plugs make life simpler. Period. Imagine asking your voice controlled assistant (Alexa, Google, Siri) to dim the lights for movie time. Or, when you open your bedroom door, your door sensor triggers your coffee machine to turn on via your smart plug.  

Our energy saving plugs even monitor your energy usage (select models) allowing you to see how efficient (or not) you are. The app controlled outlets can also turn on your lights randomly while you’re on vacation.

A lot goes into our smart plugs, and we’re extremely proud to bring you the some of the best smart plugs in the industry.

In fact, as with all our Z-Wave products, we’ve invested in the Z-Wave Certification for all of our smart plugs. What that means is that any Z-Wave smart plug we create is put through rigorous testing and is forward and backward compatible with all Z-Wave products, regardless of the brand or year manufactured.

That’s why we believe we have the best smart plugs, the best energy saving plugs, and the best plug-in switches there are.

Smart Ideas for Your Smart Plug

Need some inspiration for why you need a smart plug?

  • Dim the lights automatically when it’s movie time with the plug-in dimmer switch via voice command or remote (bonus: imagine pressing a TV remote and your RGBW Smart Lights dim and change to your favorite ambient color, your TV turns on, and the rest of the lights turn off… #baller).
  • Set goals for energy usage with our energy saving plugs to save on your energy bills. Monitor energy hogging appliances and automatically switch them off once you reach your monthly threshold.
  • Automatically turn on fans attached to your smart plug or have your thermostat go off based on a temperature reading from a smart sensor strategically placed throughout the house, allowing for optimal temperature in every room
  • Use our 2-Channel Smart Plug to control two separate devices. I know it may be hard to go from converting 0 smart products to 2, but hang with us… for starters, if you have two lights that can reach the smart plug, have them both turn on when you enter your home at night by pairing with a door sensor (vs having to buy a two smart plugs with only one controllable outlet).  Or, have one outlet control a coffee maker, and the other a small kitchen lamp instead of turning on your main lights in the morning.
Inovelli Offers the Best Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug-In Modules

Energy Saving Plugs You Can Feel Safe Using

We want you to feel safe using our Smart Plugs.  With an ever growing list of manufacturers creating energy saving plugs, you may start to wonder, with prices so low, where are these companies finding savings to drive their costs down?  Most of the time it’s because they choose not to UL or ETL list (which is scary if you’re dealing with 120V of electricity).  Or in the Home Automation industry, some may choose not to certify through the FCC or their respective alliances (ie: Zigbee or Z-Wave).

There will be numerous companies on Amazon that will sell smart plugs, app controlled outlets, etc. and we want to make sure you have the information you need to make a sound decision. A lot of this may be new to you (trust us, we had no clue as a consumer what these icons meant) but the more we researched, the more we felt we needed to include these listings and certifications on our smart plugs and plug-in switches.

We can sleep great at night knowing our plugs are UL listed (meaning the wiring has been checked to not be cheaply made) and our plugs are certified to run the Z-Wave frequency in the United States through the Federal Communications Commission.

Simplifying lives, one, “UL Certified, CE Certified, FCC Certified, Z-Wave Certified, and RoHS Compliant ” smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli™.

Feel free to click on the icons below for more information on each company.