Atrim Z-Wave 800 Series Stick
Atrim Z-Wave 800 Series Stick
Atrim Z-Wave 800 Series Stick


Atrim Z-Wave 800 Series Stick

Z-Wave 800 Series

SmartThings Users: Add this to your hub and now you can update the firmware on all of your Inovelli Z-Wave switches!

Home Assistant Users: Z-Wave JS does not fully support all 800 Series attributes yet and this will show up as a 700 Series device. Rest assured, this has an 800 Series chipset in it.

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Please Note: This product comes with basic hardware support and does not include any tech support for the home automation software or host hardware you decide to pair it with.

Automation that sticks. A private and secure automation system begins with your Atrim Stick. It can manage your home's lighting, HVAC, environment, security, safety, and just about anything that's electronic. Built with the latest iteration of Z-Wave Plus, the most advanced automation engine, the Atrim Stick is securely compatible with over 4,000 different products. Each can be used to customize and automate your home's indoor and outdoor spaces.

This is a standalone gateway that can control Z-Wave devices. You will need a User Interface (such as Home Assistant) to add Z-Wave devices.

You may also add this as a secondary controller to the following Z-Wave compatible Hub's or Platforms:

Home Assistant (via ZwaveJSUI)
HomeSeer 4 (via Z-Wave Plugin)

This stick is compatible with the following:

Raspberry Pi

Power: 4.75-5.25 VDC
Signal (Frequency): 908.42 MHz (US, CA, MX)
Operating Temperature Range: 14-104° F (-10-40° C)
Range: Up to 100 meters line of sight if Long Range is disabled and up to 1 mile if Long Range is enabled
Dimensions: Length = 1.43" (3.63cm), Width = 0.88" (2.24cm), Width = 0.34" (0.86cm)

For indoor use. Specifications subject to change without notice due to continuing product improvement.

1x USB Stick
1x Instruction Manual

User guide: How to setup Atrim Stick with platforms including Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Windows, and Apple MacOS

User guide: How to setup Atrim Stick with HomeSeer and Windows

User guide: How to setup Atrim Stick with Home Assistant

User guide: How to setup Z-Wave with Home Assistant

User guide: Update Atrim Stick firmware

Local Control, Private & Subscription Free.

Build your smart home harnessing the power of Z-Wave and Atrim's mini USB Stick. Finally, some truth to the statement of 1.5" is all you need. Utilize Z-Wave Long Range, the blazing processing speed of 800 Series and unpack all the advanced features of your Inovelli products while never missing one of our many firmware updates. Create a smart home from the ground up or add this as a secondary controller to your existing network. Either way, this is an excellent addition to your smart home.


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We spend hundreds of hours designing, testing and perfecting every Inovelli product in our Kalamazoo, Michigan headquarters.

But we aren’t your typical corporate employees. We’re people who love home automation. In fact, we all have smart homes just like you and started Inovelli because we wanted products for our own homes that weren't #basic.

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Yes, this is a standalone hub that supports Z-Wave devices. However, you will need separate software to pair your devices to this Stick.

The most popular method is to use Home Assistant, which is a free, open-source platform that will provide local control of your favorite Z-Wave devices.

This stick can be added as a secondary controller to the following hubs:


This stick will work with any of our Red Series Z-Wave devices.

Any hardware support will be covered by Inovelli which includes problems with the device itself.

All software support should be directed to the company you choose to deploy on your Atrim Stick (ie: Home Assistant, PC Controller, etc).

The Atrim stick can work on Apple (MacOS), Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi