Red Series Dimmer Switch (Z-Wave)

Red Series Dimmer Switch (Z-Wave)

Does not require a neutral wire (if no-neutral is present, a bypass is required if the load is under 25W).
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Red Series Dimmer Switch (Z-Wave)

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Our best seller and fan favorite, the Red Series Dimmer puts all other switches to shame with Scene Control, LED Notifications, No-Neutral Wire Required, Multi-Way Setup and so much more.

  • Scene Control

    Control up to 15 separate scenes. The up & down button support (1x tap, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, hold & release). Pressing the config button, a single time is also a scene. (Check compatible hubs list below for supported advanced features). NOTE: Scene functionality does not work from an auxiliary or dumb switch -- it only works on the smart switch.

  • LED Notifications

    Have the LED Bar change colors or chase, flash, blink, pulse, etc. to notify you of changes going on in your home. For example, the garage door being left open, the security system being armed, the weather outside starting to rain, or even a text message. The possibilities are endless here. (Check compatible hubs list below for supported advanced features) 

  • Easy Configuration

    We have created a method for customers to be able to change the devices configuration parameters directly by using the 3 buttons on the device itself. Great for hubs that do not let you edit the configuration options from their app.

  • Multi-Way Setup

    The switch provides several options for configuring a 3, 4-way circuit. You can choose from a dumb switch, an aux switch, or even another Inovelli Z-Wave switch (through direct association).

  • No Neutral and Neutral Wiring Compatible

    A perfect solution for older homes that may not have a neutral wire. In some cases, no-neutral setups under 25W will require a bypass (sold seperately).

Red Series Dimmer Switch with Glowing LED Bar
Perfected By You

Perfected By You

  • Under the Hood

    Z-Wave Plus Certified and OTA (Over-The-Air) allows us to keep your switch up to date and future-proof. Combine that with our Z-Wave Signal Strength Notifier and a built-in configuration button and your switch is set for any customization you can think of. Learn more about the tech behind our products here (Coming Soon).

  • Community Driven and Approved

    Our customers and community are the biggest driving force behind our products. All our products through research and development stages are published in our forum so our community members can provide their ideas and suggestions! This allows us to create truly amazing products that work in a variety of different homes. Check out our community and the product device thread here.

  • Our Beta Testers are the Best

    We hand select our beta testers from our community. The people we know can test our products to their fullest extent and who we trust to be honest and candid about how we can improve. Luckily, our beta testers have become some of our biggest inspirations, helping us make the products we have today.

ZWave Dimmer Chip
Compatible HUBs

Compatible HUBs

Looking for information to setup your new switch? Select your hub below to get to setup instructions, device handlers or drivers.

Advanced Features available on SmartThings, Hubitat, Home Assistant, and HomeSeer only.

SmartThings handlers unlock special features on your device. Follow the directions to take your already sweet device to the next level!

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Hubitat Logo PNG Product Page

Find installation and setup instructions for pairing your LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer Switch to Hubitat.

Learn More

Everything you need to pair your LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer Switch to Home Assistant! Follow the link to get get started.

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Alarm Product Page Logo

All in one spot get everything you need to setup your LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer Switch for Click here to get started.

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Ezlo Innovation Logo PNG Test

Everything you need to pair your LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer Switch to Ezlo Innovation! Follow the link to get get started.

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HomeSeer Product Page

Installation and Setup instructions for your LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer Switch for HomeSeer. Click. Follow. Get started!

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Alexa or Google Home?

Smart speakers are NOT Z-Wave hubs so they won't work directly with any Z-Wave devices. But you can use a compatible Z-Wave hub with smart speaker integration to control your dimmer with voice control. These include the Fibaro hubs, Hubitat, SmartThings, Vera, and Wink.

Still confused? Get in touch!

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Device Docs (Manual, Wiring Diagrams)

Device Docs

Looking for a digital copy of your instruction manual or wiring schematics? Hey, we're just glad you're reading it!

Instruction Manual

Neutral Wire Setup

Non-Neutral Wire Setup

Note, these are for our Gen 2 Dimmer Switches. Looking for a different switch? Visit our Wiki to see a full list of our product manuals and wiring diagrams.


35 Reviews
Write a Review

  • 5
    Best Z-Wave Dimmers Available

    Posted by LP on Nov 21st 2020

    These dimmers are the most widely-compatible and feature-packed dimmers on the market at the time of writing (late 2020). Installation was a breeze and the switches have just enough customization that you're able to do whatever you want, without having too much that you're overwhelmed by configuration. The default settings on the switches are great and will work fine until you've got more set up.

  • 5
    Red Dimmer

    Posted by Lance M on Nov 20th 2020

    Excellent dimmer, the control ability with Hubitat is awesome. Being able to turn off the 700ms delay has increase the household approval 100 fold ! THANKS Eric and crew!

  • 5
    Smartest Switch Available

    Posted by Nolan H on Nov 18th 2020

    These switches are packed with the most smart features and the most customization I’ve seen. Very happy with them! Great design!

  • 4
    great product, mostly happy

    Posted by Skyler on Nov 17th 2020

    These switches look great especially with screwless faceplates. In my research these switches provide the most functionality and is one of the better looking switches at this price point. The only reason for a subtracted star is because there's a latency in some of my switches of 1 or more seconds. that sounds insignificant but if I'm grabbing something out of a room I can walk in, grab the item, and be on my way out before the light turns on. I also experienced friction while setting these up with home assistant but they updated documentation to include some steps that were missing. props to them

  • 4
    Happy on Hubitat

    Posted by TAP on Nov 14th 2020

    Just got my first dimmer to access. Was using another popular two letter brand that worked just fine but lacked scene controls and energy monitoring. I installed these and paired them with Hubitat without reading the fine print in the instructions. They connected and I was able to turn them on and off in the "Device" page but soon discovered that I couldn't set up tiles to se them. After cussing a little bit, I read the instructions and saw that I needed to get the driver off of Github. Once I did that, they worked amazingly well. I dropped one star off because I have no idea why they would pair and use a build in driver that actually had Inovelli in the name. If it had loaded a generic driver, I might have figured it out quickly. Seriously, this is a five star dimmer if I had not stumbled (admittedly my fault for not reading) on the driver issue. Now that I have it all installed, I will be playing with the endless configurations possible. I have never seen a driver with as many options as these switches. It will take me a while to dream up all the new things I can do with a wall dimmer. Well done Innovelli! Glad you survived the vendor change disaster. Your products are by far the best I have seen in the home automation world so far.

  • 5
    Functional and beatiful

    Posted by David on Oct 29th 2020

    Love these switched. Slowly replacing all my light switches with these. Just be careful with them. A short circuit at the light will fry them, not blow your breaker.

  • 5
    Red Series Dimmer

    Posted by Frank J on Oct 27th 2020

    Let me start by saying I have installed/use multiple Zwave switches and dimmers and by far these are best you can buy. From how fast they report there state to your controller/hub to there look and ease of use. The cherry on top is the extra added features such as led color ,notifications, and multitap for scenes. I have used them on a Vera Edge and Smartthings but now have them paired to Home assistant and they work great on all. The only issue on the Vera Edge was I did not get the LED notification or scenes working.

  • 5
    Red Series Dimmr: BEST ON THE MARKET

    Posted by LOUIS on Oct 22nd 2020

    I had a customer purchase a few of these for his smart home system, and to be honest, I never heard of Inovelli until then. When he got them and I began installing them at his home, I was VERY impressed with the quality of the switch, the RGB notifier bar, but what sold me to buy for my own home: The custom scenes that are easily configurable with x button presses. So far, I installed 2, and I am ordering another for my dining room chandelier, and am ordering a RGBW bulb for my outside front porch light, with the idea of utilizing the colors for certain conditions inside the house (silent alarm, fire, CO, general porch light, critical house system failure, etc). The simplicity, yet the advanced features of this have sold me abd have made me a customer for life. (I have had a smart home for years, and used multiple devices. This one is a game changer, I REALLY am impressed, and its hard to impress me when it comes to z-wave switches)

  • 5
    LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer - I'm Impressed

    Posted by JJ on Oct 11th 2020

    I have three of these installed in my home. I'm barely touching the surface of the capabilities that I see. I purchased two of these specifically due to having very old wiring and no neutrals in the box. I'm amazed at how easy these are to configure with Hubitat and the vast number of parameters. Works great with no neutral with about 100W of load of LED lights on the circuit. I'm not trying to dim this circuit but on off is very fast when set to operate this way. The quality of the kit is well thought out and little things like the tinned neutral wire come in very handy. Did have to remove some tabs to get it to fit in a 3 gang box. but with some tabs removed I've two and another brand of dimmer in a 3 gang metal box. Had to put some lever connectors instead of wire nuts to make room but got it in. Only problem I have now is that I literally want one of these on every switch in the house and that is a big budget. I'll be buying more!