Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave)

Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave)

For use with AC Motors only. Requires Neutral. Comes with Switch and Canopy Module for Ceiling fans only.
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Inovelli’s new Fan + Light switch is packed with features and designed with your house in mind.

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Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave)

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34 Reviews
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  • 5
    Best smart solution with fan module that I've found

    Posted by Ryan on May 11th 2021

    I have 3 of these in my house. I installed ceiling fans in all 3 bedrooms in my house, and these switches let me control the lights and fans independently without having to run new wiring. They work great with the latest Home Assistant ZWaveJS stuff (as of May 2021). My one complaint is that there is about a 1.5 second delay from when you hit the button to turn on the light, and when the light actually turns on (my guess is that this is to accommodate the double and triple tap actions). Once you get used to it, it's not too bad. But at first it was pretty annoying. By default, it fades the light on and off, which makes it even slower. But there is an option to disable that. The LED strips by the buttons are fun; my kids liked customizing them to their favorite colors.

  • 5
    Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave)

    Posted by James Jennings on Apr 20th 2021

    It is a tricky getting the unit installed in the fan cover, but than that it has worked like a dream.

  • 5
    Easy conversion and work well

    Posted by chack on Mar 26th 2021

    I replaced a couple existing fans and their setup with these LZW36's, the wiring and replacement process was clear and straightforward. Devices work well and extensive customization options available using Hubitat. The community and support is excellent and I've already purchased another for the remaining fan in my house.

  • 5
    Perfect for my application

    Posted by Eugene Tsvilik on Mar 17th 2021

    While there are many alternative and cheaper fan/light combo switches on the market, this is the only one I found that would work for the unfortunate situation where you have only one load wire from the ceiling fan running to a single wall switch. Installation and wiring were very easy, but finding a place to mount the fan module was challenging in my ceiling fan canopy. Mine didn't fit inside the fan bracket, so i had to ziptie it to the outside of the bracket in a janky way--it barely fit inside the canopy enclosure. My only negative feedback (athough not enough to deduct a star) is the included wallplate is too small and the zipties are too short. The supplied wallplate is "standard" size, but unless you're installing these before drywalling, you probably can only use "preferred" or "oversized" wall plates on your switches because the builder likely cut too big of a hole around the electrical box for the wallplate to hide the gaps. While it's certainly a nice touch to include a wallplate, I imagine most people will end up not using it due to the small size--I would suggest bundling with "preferred" size or larger, or not doing it at all. As for the zipties, I found the included ones to be too short for my mounting application, and I ended up needing to use 12" zipties that I had. Perhaps the included zipties would be sufficient if you have a wide and immaculately cleaned up canopy. Otherwise, I'm very satisfied with the switch's performance and functionality.

  • 5
    Excellent option

    Posted by Dan on Feb 4th 2021

    Bought this switch for the Hampton Bay ceiling fan and light in our living room. We had an existing wall switch for the light but not the fan (had to be controlled via pull chain). This switch allowed me to get rid of the clunky and spotty GE Link smart bulbs I had in the housing and replace them with standard LED bulbs. I had to move my Hubitat closer to the switch in order for it to find it but pairing was simple and updating to the newest firmware was also easy to do. I was initially having issues with the lights not dimming and flickering something fierce. Went back and forth with Inovelli support without any real solution but finally figured out it was the bulb compatibility causing issues between the two. Replaced the Sylvania LED bulbs with GE Relax LED which solved the flickering and dimming issues. I will be purchasing another switch for our bedroom when I find a ladder tall enough to get access to the canopy on the cathedral ceiling!

  • 5
    Wish I could rate this switch 6 stars!

    Posted by Steven Silvestri on Dec 10th 2020

    The actual switch is wonderful. All of its functionality is also wonderful. If there was anything that I had to fault at four, the module that you have to hide up in the fan is a little bulky. I ended up getting it mounted on two of the fans I have, and I have one more switch to install. Love inovelli, their support team (anytime I have a question they are on top of getting it handled for me) and I love their products!! I decided about a year ago to switch from smart things to Hubitat, which was a good move IMO.... and at that time I got rid of all the other switches I was using and started from the beginning again and bought a handful of these. I believe I have approx 25-30 switches in my house at the moment, Super high-quality products, The repairs work great and I never have signal issues. This fan switch is they step above any of the others I’ve got, I love the rockers next to the buttons, something I think they should potentially integrate into other switches as well. I would love to see two button switches like this for other applications not just for a fan application. I have some great ideas that I think I could put to good use with the switch. If only there was two load outputs!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  • 5
    Almost dropped a star

    Posted by TS on Oct 7th 2020

    I installed this switch a couple days ago and liked almost everything about it right away. I had read online about the delay when pressing the physical switch but also read they had fixed their dimmers by setting the preference to disable delays. This also disabled the ability to use scenes with the main buttons but I was ok with that. The install of the switch went really smooth. After physically installing both pathetic the wall and canopy module I installed the custom driver in Hubitat. I set all the settings to make the switch as fast as possible but was disappointed to see that the physical switch still had a very noticeable delay. Turning the light on and off from Hubitat was instant so I knew the switch was communicating to the canopy module just fine. I almost emailed support when I saw there was a beta firmware available in Inovelli’s website. It claimed to have the option to take away the physical delay. I updated the firmware and wow. They weren’t kidding. It seems as instant as the old dumb switch I truly cannot tell a difference between the two. To be clear the option to disable the delay showed up with the original firmware (1.34) but I guess it didn’t actually work until this new firmware (1.36). I have only had this switch for a couple days but if it holds up I will not hesitate to buy more. The notification features are really cool too.

  • 5

    Posted by mars on Oct 7th 2020

    I can't say enough good things about this switch - I wish Inovelli would oem these in a bunch of fans. I use the notifications for things like garage door open (red pulsing), and the scenes to turn on hard-to-reach smart lights. The only downside I've seen is when two people are crowding the switch sometimes the module doesn't get the on/off signal from the switch, but it's only happened twice.

  • 5
    Best Switches... Ever!

    Posted by Robert on Sep 25th 2020

    I've bought quite afew of these. They work like a champ. They have a tons of settings you can modify. It can be overwhelming. But it's not hard to figure out. Love the notification options. Other manufacturers are probably envious of these and rightly so.