Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave)

Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave)

For use with AC Motors only. Requires Neutral. Ceiling fans only.
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Inovelli’s new Fan + Light switch is packed with features and designed with your house in mind.

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Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave)

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Smart speakers are NOT Z-Wave hubs so they won't work directly with any Z-Wave devices. But you can use a compatible Z-Wave hub with smart speaker integration to control your dimmer with voice control. These include the Fibaro hubs, Hubitat, SmartThings, Vera, and Wink.

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28 Reviews
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  • 5
    Almost dropped a star

    Posted by TS on Oct 7th 2020

    I installed this switch a couple days ago and liked almost everything about it right away. I had read online about the delay when pressing the physical switch but also read they had fixed their dimmers by setting the preference to disable delays. This also disabled the ability to use scenes with the main buttons but I was ok with that. The install of the switch went really smooth. After physically installing both pathetic the wall and canopy module I installed the custom driver in Hubitat. I set all the settings to make the switch as fast as possible but was disappointed to see that the physical switch still had a very noticeable delay. Turning the light on and off from Hubitat was instant so I knew the switch was communicating to the canopy module just fine. I almost emailed support when I saw there was a beta firmware available in Inovelli’s website. It claimed to have the option to take away the physical delay. I updated the firmware and wow. They weren’t kidding. It seems as instant as the old dumb switch I truly cannot tell a difference between the two. To be clear the option to disable the delay showed up with the original firmware (1.34) but I guess it didn’t actually work until this new firmware (1.36). I have only had this switch for a couple days but if it holds up I will not hesitate to buy more. The notification features are really cool too.

  • 5

    Posted by mars on Oct 7th 2020

    I can't say enough good things about this switch - I wish Inovelli would oem these in a bunch of fans. I use the notifications for things like garage door open (red pulsing), and the scenes to turn on hard-to-reach smart lights. The only downside I've seen is when two people are crowding the switch sometimes the module doesn't get the on/off signal from the switch, but it's only happened twice.

  • 5
    Best Switches... Ever!

    Posted by Robert on Sep 25th 2020

    I've bought quite afew of these. They work like a champ. They have a tons of settings you can modify. It can be overwhelming. But it's not hard to figure out. Love the notification options. Other manufacturers are probably envious of these and rightly so.

  • 5
    Fan/Light Switch

    Posted by Steven on Sep 18th 2020

    Works great and I have the notifications set to tell me when the alarm system isn't set. It is Awesome to be laying in bed and when my wife asks if the alarm is set. I look at the switch and say, Yep! I love this switch, and it has a strong WAF!

  • 3

    Posted by G Ramsay on Sep 16th 2020

    The shipping was fast and install was straight forward. The app setup in Samsung SmartThings was terrible I had to copy and paste code in order to make it work. It took me almost an hour to set up one switch. It was difficult to set it you with smart assistance like google home and Alexa and still it sometimes does not work. I set it up only a week ago and already I have issues. One day it would turn on the light but not turn it off. I reset it four times and I switched light bulbs and the started working normally. Also I use led dimmable light bulbs and sometimes it make a low humming noise. I switched bulbs and now the lights flicker randomly. I love the concept of having a smart light and fan combo but it may not be the right on for me. My wife is not very technical she just uses the physical switch and it decides when it wants to work.

  • 4
    Old wiring zwave ceiling fan

    Posted by DB on Sep 15th 2020

    I have been looking for a way to control celing fans ever since I started home automation and to add to my problems my house wiring is so outdated the wires aren't even coated in plastic and not a single switch has a neutral wire. This is exactly what I needed it let me control my ceiling fan without having to add any wirers or tear open the walls even with no neutral wire originally at the box for the switch. Other than the fact that I can't able to get the association to work to control the other light in the same room that doesn't have a switch at all it is perfect and I bought a second one and plan to buy a third when I get a new celing fan put in. I am very happy with it and it would be 5 stars if the association would work. When I bought it inovelli did not list openhab as compatible but it is compatible.

  • 2
    Nice idea, unreliable and RF module too large

    Posted by Jeff M on Sep 9th 2020

    Update #2: 4 Days into using this switch, after updating the firmware, it's today not responding to ZWave commands. I can change the state of the fan or light from the switch directly, but it does't report to the controller and doesn't respond to commands from the controller. The Openhab management interface reports that the device isn't communicating with the controller. Other line-powered ZWave devices within 5 feet of this one are working fine, so it's a problem with this switch. Looks like the firmware update may have fixed one communication problem, but there seems to be another problem. Downgrading my rating to 2 stars. --------------------------------------------------------- Update #1: The day after I installed the switch I again ran into the problem where the switch and the RF module lost communication (switch changes don't affect the light, air-gap off/on toggle recovers things). I checked for an OTA update from Inovelli and there is a Beta update posted on the site (v1.36) that specifically states it fixes this issue. I applied the update so hopefully I won't see this problem any more. --------------------------------------------------------- I installed this today and now that the dust has settled it works as expected. However, there are a couple of issues/observations that are worth mentioning: 1) As mentioned in other reviews and in the product description, this switch requires installation of two pieces, one in the wall box for the switch, and one at the base of the ceiling fan/light. The switch box in the wall is fine and fits like any ZWave switch. The RF module is another story. For the fan where I intended to use this, the module is far too large to fit inside the canopy, making it impossible to reassemble. Fortunately for me in this case, I have access above the ceiling so that I could locate the RF module in the attic and feed the wiring into the ceiling box. This is far from ideal. Also, I have several ceiling fans in my house and I'm pretty sure this RF module wouldn't fit into the canopy of any of them. 2) After initial setup, I was testing things and making an update to Openhab when the RF module stopped responding to changes. Through either Openhab or the wall switch buttons I could make changes that would show up at the switch (LED's indicate state), but the RF module would not update the fan speed or change the state of the light. I waited a few minutes to see if it would come back and it didn't seem to, so I went to the breaker and killed power to the switch for about 15 seconds then turned it back on and everything has been working since. This issue however does not inspire confidence so if I run into this behavior again I'll be returning this switch. I'll update this review if something changes in the weeks ahead.

  • 4
    Pretty darn good

    Posted by Mr W on Sep 4th 2020

    First of all, it works! It plays nicely with Home Assistant, and has good WAF. The delay when using the physical buttons is a tad annoying, but after I increased the dimming speed, it feels less "did it work?" when I press the physical buttons. For $REASONS, I cannot/will not be running a second wire to the ceiling receptacle. This means my choices are a vanilla light switch and pull-chains like a Neanderthal, or some vendor locked in wireless solution -- which usually has a remote control my chlidren will make disapper. Then I heard about this new Fan + Light switch, and am very pleased. Installation was a piece of cake. I look forward to my next excuse to buy Inovelli products.

  • 2
    Why is it slower than the RF that came with the fan?

    Posted by Nick on Aug 31st 2020

    The Inovelli LZW36 takes more than 1 full second to turn on the fan or light - this is with every possible delay option dialed down in the settings. This is "direct" RF comms between the switch and ceiling module. No distance greater than 20' away, direct line of sight, and even left the receiver antennae poking out just a bit... still, over a second for the switch to enact its primary base function. I even tried excluding it from all Z wave networks (HomeAssistant with Z-stick and a Smartthings v3), but no improvement. I bought three of these for to smarten up some existing Hunter fans with RF remotes. The OEM remotes were cursed with awkward ergonomics and a silly dimming process and yet I am strongly considering returning these Inovellis and going back to the awkward OEM. I'll give it 2 stars because I like the form factor, ergos, and options, I just wish it would wasn't so lagging.