ZZW01 (RGBW) Quick Setup for Vera UI7 Users

Step By Step Video & Text Instructions

This is the full video broken up into step by step instructions. 

Full Video With Subtitles Installation

Full video of us walking you through the setup of your RGBW Smart Light Bulb.

Step By Step Written Instructions

PDF version of step by step instructions as listed below.

Original Owner’s Manual

Just in case you tossed the manual or would just prefer to read it digitally.

Thank you for your purchase of the ZZW01 Smart Light Bulb. If you run into any problems along the way, please contact us. We’re here to help! In addition, to visit our troubleshooting page, click here.

Step by Step Instructions

(Please note: This device is only compatible with UI7 Firmware)

– Step 1 –
Gather Your Materials & Find an Appropriate Outlet

Materials Needed:

  • An always powered on lamp/light module (this is standard for all smart bulbs — always on power is how they are able to communicate with your HUB)
  • PC or Mac
  • Vera HUB running UI7

Locate an indoor lamp/light fixture which is within the recommended distance (less than 30ft) from your Z-Wave Hub/Gateway.

NOTE: Please pair your bulbs as close to your HUB as possible — once paired, you may move them to their final location (within 30ft of your nearest Z-Wave repeater or HUB).

Walls, furniture, and other obstructions may affect the communication between the Smart Light Bulb and your Hub/Gateway, so please keep this in mind when selecting your location.

-Step 2-
Adding (Including) to the Network

NOTE: We skipped the exclusion process because we’ve found that Vera seems to pick up our device flawlessly. However, if you need to exclude the device, please visit this page for more information on how to exclude on Vera: http://docs5.mios.com/doc.php?language=1&manual=1&platform=3pro&page=include_mode.

Alright, let’s include your device!

Including Steps:

  • On the Main screen, click on the, “Devices” tab
  • Click, “Add Device”
  • Scroll down five items and click, “Dimmers and Lights”
  • Then, scroll down to the bottom and select, “RGBW Bulb” by Zipato
  • Under the, “Pair Your Device”, click “Next” until your HUB goes into inclusion mode
  • While your HUB is in inclusion mode (timer is counting down from 1 minute), gently tap on the top of the bulb until it turns green (then it will turn white) — green indicates it has paired properly
  • If successful, you will see a new screen pop up and there will be a notification that says, “Device Detected”
  • Go ahead and name your device
  • Select a Room and hit, “Finish”
  • Wait for the bulb to appear

Selecting the, “RGB Controller” App:

We recommend adding this app because it allows for cleaner functionality of the bulb. The stock, “RGBW” control is pretty basic.

It’s optional to install this app, but again, we recommend it.

  • Click on, “Apps”
  • Then, “Install Apps”
  • Type in, “RGB Controller” and once you see the app pop up, select, “Details”
  • Go ahead and install the app
  • Under, “My apps”, click on, “Details” of the, “RGB Controller”
  • Then, you will see that it added a device (something along the lines of, “RGB controller device”) — click on that
  • Click on, “Settings” to setup the device and associate it with your RGBW bulb you just paired
  • Under, “Device Type”, select “Zipato RGBW Bulb”
  • Under, “Controlled Device”, select the bulb you paired (included) and select, “Save”

Controlling the, “Color Wheel”

The color wheel is broken into three sections.

  1. The Wheel allows you to select individual colors
  2. The 5 vertical bars are the 5 different channels (Red, Green, Blue, Warm White, and Cold White)
  3. The bottom horizontal bar allows you to turn on/off the bulb and also play with different animations (ie: strobe lights)


Full Installation Video

Below you will find our full installation video for the RGBW Smart Light.  Thank you for your purchase and we hope you enjoy your product!