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Smart sensors that detect gas, smoke, water, and whether a door or window is open or closed. #security

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Welcome to the smart sensors page. We hope you’re as excited about smart home sensors as we are. How nerdy did that sound? From Z-Wave door & window sensors, temperature sensors, to wireless alarm sensors such as smoke and gas, we’ve got you covered.

Imagine knowing if there is a gas leak before you get home.  Or if smoke is detected at your home while you’re at the store. You would be able to call for help before the damage is irreversible.  Now that’s smart home security. What about the smart door sensor… what can that be used for?  Well, it can tell you when the door is open or closed, if your toddler has opened a cupboard or gate, or even tell you the temperature (which can be used to turn fans on and off or your thermostat up or down for optimal air flow).

Best of all, our sensors are put through rigorous certification processes (Z-Wave, FCC), ensuring you have a product you can trust to perform when you need it to.  

Not sure why you need smart home sensors? It’s ok, we’ve been there before too… Until we realized all the sweet things you can do with z-wave sensors! Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered (click here or see below).

Making lives easier, one smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli™.

The Best Smart Home Sensors

Smart sensors may seem boring, but these little wireless alarm sensors may, in fact save your life, save your property from extensive damage, and even alert you of an issue even if you’re across the world.

Smart home security is definitely something that we take seriously.  We respect the fact you are researching different options when it comes to home security sensors, and we want to assure you that your family, loved ones, etc are in good hands. All products we sell are used in our team’s personal houses.  That’s how much we believe in them.

Speaking of belief, as with all our Z-Wave products, we’ve invested in the Z-Wave Certification for all of our smart sensors. What that means is that any Z-Wave sensor we create is put through rigorous testing and is forward and backward compatible with all Z-Wave products, regardless of the brand or year manufactured.

That’s why we believe we have the best smart home sensors, the best wireless alarm sensors, and the best home security sensors there are.

Smart Ideas for Your Smart Sensors

Need some inspiration for why you need some smart home sensors?

  • Receive alerts when and if your doors or windows are opened — if you want to add a siren into your setup (there are many to choose from), you can create your own smart home security system
  • Put multiple smart sensors (smoke alarms) throughout the house, which can talk to each other, letting you know if a gas leak or detection of smoke (imagine a smart sensor going off in a detached garage, signaling to your other smart home sensors to go off)
  • Automatically turn on fans or have your thermostat go off based on a temperature reading from a smart sensor strategically placed throughout the house, allowing for optimal temperature in every room
  • Monitor your fridge, china cabinet, or other valuables by placing a smart door sensor on the outside
  • If you have a RGBW Smart Light Bulb and multiple smart home sensors, you can set the bulb to change colors based on the wireless alarm sensors that trigger.
The Best Smart Sensors 2016 | The Best Wireless Alarm Sensors 2016 (and smart home sensors 2016) by Inovelli

Wireless Alarm Sensors You Can Feel Safe Using

We want you to feel safe using our Smart Home Sensors.  We know that your home, apartment, or wherever you live is important to you and we take it very seriously that you are considering us.

With that said, we know there are countless smart home sensor manufacturers out there. There are hundreds of options with more sensors added daily.  So, how do we separate ourselves from the others? Well, we know price is a factor, but sometimes price isn’t everything, especially when it comes to safety. All our sensors go through rigorous testing to meet the highest certifications in the US.

First, all our smart sensors are FCC and CE certified. All are RoHS compliant, and finally, from a user experience, all our smart sensors are Z-Wave Certified.

And while our prices may not always be the lowest, (hey, we’re trying — see our mission statement) we stand behind our decision to invest in your safety and overall user experience. So, check the Amazon listings, or the boxes of the products you’re interested in for the logos below to ensure your decision meets your standards.

Simplifying lives, one “CE Certified, FCC Certified, RoHS Compliant, Z-Wave Certified ” smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli™.

Feel free to click on the icons below for more information on each company. Also, please note that we did not pursue UL Certification on our smart sensors simply because they run off of low voltage battery power.