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RGBW Smart Light Bulb


Imagine knowing which door is opened based on the color your light turns. You notice your RGBW (red, green, blue, white) smart lightbulb inside your lamp turns pink, indicating your three year old daughter is sleepwalking again, or (let’s hope this never happens) your light turns red, indicating the front door is open, prompting you to a possible intruder.

Get festive during the holidays by setting your Z-Wave RGBW Smart Lights to be red, white and blue to show your patriotism or orange for Halloween. Whatever, it is, rest assured, with millions of color options, our bulb has you covered.

Finally, save on your electric bill by setting schedules to turn your smart lights on/off. In addition, our is able to produce light intensity comparable to a 60W incandescent bulb by using just around 6 watts of power. Yes! Buy more smart home products with the savings!

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We hand picked this Z-Wave Plug-in Module because it is truly, “plug and play”, can be set up in less than 5 minutes and controls multiple devices. Plug it in, sync it and you’re done.


Turn on/off lights or appliances from anywhere in the world. Once synced up, you can control two separate devices. Set schedules, or trigger an event… the power is yours!

Endless Possibilities

Turn on your fan when the temperature hits a certain level, turn on lights when you’re not home to deter intruders, or even control your appliance(s) with your voice.

Tested compatible Hub's/Gateway's

The ZZW01 (RGBW Smart Bulb) has full functionality with the following Hubs/Gateways listed below. In addition, feel free to check out the full installation instructions at: RGBW Quick Setup

Non-compatible Hub's/Gateway's

The ZZW01 (RGBW Smart Bulb) has LIMITED functionality with the following Hub’s/Gateway’s listed below. With these listed below, you will only be able to use the bulb without color.

NOTE: What is shown above are the Hub’s/Gateway’s that we have personally tested to be see if the RGBW bulb was compatible or not compatible. However, per the Smart Home DB, there appears to be more verified compatible Hub’s, such as: Iris by Lowe’s, and Staples Connect.

A Z-Wave RGBW Smart Bulb that Plays Well With Others

As a full member of the Z-Wave Alliance, all Inovelli™ products and partner products integrate seamlessly with other Z-Wave compatible hubs, controllers and/or gateways.

What is Z-Wave?  Great question.  In layman’s terms, it is a language spoken that connects various smart home devices and is currently the world market leader in wireless control. (www.z-wavealliance.org/about_z-wave_technology/)

What does that mean to you?  Well, it means that our Z-Wave RGBW Smart Bulb will likely work with your gateway of choice.  It allows Inovelli™ Z-Wave products to talk to non-Inovelli™ Z-Wave products (there are over 1500 interoperable Z-Wave products), allowing you to set schedules, trigger events, or create robots, making your life simpler and smarter.

Please note: Functions may vary depending on gateway or controller (see above for details).


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