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2-Channel Dual Smart Plug

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Plug the Smart Outlet in. Sync. Control two Devices from Anywhere.

Control two separate devices in your smart house with the Inovelli® Z-Wave Plus plug-in smart outlet + Z-Wave Repeater. Yes, you read it correctly… now you can create wireless lighting, remotely control appliances and more because both outlets on the module are controllable separately, giving you full control over multiple devices from anywhere in the world!

Save on your electric bill by setting schedules to turn on your lights, turn off your computer charger, or turn on your air conditioning an hour before you get home.  Or, do all of those at the same time, making this the best Z-Wave Plus smart outlet available.  Our top selling smart plug-in module also works with SmartThings, works with Wink, works with IFTTT (if this then that), works with Amazon Alexa (Echo) and many, many more.  Now that's awesome.

For more information on how to set this up in your home, please see our NZW37 Quick Setup page which walks you through a quick 5 minute setup.  Simplifying lives, one smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli®.

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Simple Setup

We hand picked this Dual Channel Z-Wave Plug-in Module because it is truly, “plug and play”, can be set up in less than 5 minutes and controls multiple devices. Plug it in, sync it and you’re done.

Remote Controllable

Turn on/off lights or appliances from anywhere in the world. Once synced up, you can control two separate devices. Set schedules, or trigger an event… the power is yours!

Show Home and Inovelli Smart Plugs are Z-Wave Plus Certified

Z-Wave Plus

The 2-Channel Smart Plug is certified Z-Wave Plus, making it one of the few on the market to really take Z-Wave seriously. With a built in signal repeater, this dual smart outlet is really a cut above the competition.

Tested Compatible Hub's/Gateway's:

The NZW37 (2-Channel Smart Plug) has full functionality with the following Hubs/Gateways listed below. In addition, feel free to check out the full installation instructions at: NZW37 Quick Setup


*NOTE: Vera requires UI7 firmware installed in order to have full functionality

Non-Compatible Hub's/Gateway's:

The NZW37 (2-Channel Smart Plug) has LIMITED functionality with the following Hub’s/Gateway’s listed below. With these listed below, you will only be able to control one smart outlet.

The Double Smart Plug Plays Well With Others

As a full member of the Z-Wave Alliance, all Inovelli™ products (including this dual / double smart plug) and partner products integrate seamlessly with other Z-Wave compatible hubs, controllers and/or gateways.

What is Z-Wave?  Great question.  In layman’s terms, it is a language spoken that connects various smart home devices and is currently the world market leader in wireless control. (

What does that mean to you?  Well, it means that our zwave plug-in switch module will likely work with your gateway of choice (see above for full compatibility).  It allows Inovelli® Z-Wave products to talk to non-Inovelli® Z-Wave products (there are over 1700 interoperable Z-Wave products from over 450 companies), allowing you to set schedules, trigger events, or create robots, making your life simpler and smarter.

As a bonus, the Z-Wave Dual Outlet Smart Plug acts as a Z-Wave Repeater (Range Extender), allowing greater distance for your Z-Wave network!

Please note: Functions may vary depending on gateway or controller (see above for details).


Our 2-Channel (Dual Z-Wave) Outlet comes with the following certifications. Feel free to click on the links for verification and/or download them in pdf form. Thanks again for your support and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Please Note: ZW37 is a variant of ZW36 (ZW36 is a single on/off plug vs ZW37 being a dual on/off plug) but is covered in the reports below. You’ll still see the model number ZW37 listed in each of the reports.

UL Listing # – E464831 | PDF | Website
FCC Certification – OXGZW36 | PDF | Website
IC Certification – 10460A-ZW36 | PDF | Website**
Z-Wave Plus Certification – ZC10-16010013 | PDF | Website

** The IC Certification website does not have a permanent URL, so please click on the, “Website” link and input the IC Certification # (10460A-ZW36) under the, “Certification Number” box on the page.

Setup Instructions

Please click on the following HUB for specific setup instructions. If you do not see your HUB listed, please first check compatibility under the, “Description” tab and by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. If you’re HUB is compatible, but you do not see a link below, please click on, “General Z-Wave”.

Vera (must be running UI7):
General Z-Wave: PDF

Additional Resources:

SmartThings Device Handlers

For the best user experience with SmartThings, a member of the SmartThings Community has created two device handlers (install both) that fully maximize the potential of this plug. Not convinced? Here are the benefits of installing the custom handlers:

  • Individual & Simultaneous Control (without installing any SmartApps)
  • Setup in literally under 2 minutes (after handlers are installed)
  • Last power state is remembered for individual switches when power is restored (NOTE: Only works on 2nd Gen firmware — devices purchased after 04/04/17)

Device Handler #1 | Device Handler #2 | Complete Setup Instructions

40 reviews for 2-Channel Dual Smart Plug

  1. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Sean (Amazon Review)

    I hadn’t heard of the Inovelli brand before, but this is the first 2-outlet smart switch that I’ve seen on the market so I was intrigued.

    Ordered one up and received in a couple days in a nice packaging. I was impressed as soon as I opened the package, as it was about half the size of the existing single-outlet smart switch that I had (which is an annoyingly finicky Zigbee product anyway). I skipped the instructions and paired it using the usual z-wave inclusion process (plug it in, search for devices, press the button a couple times). Paired immediately with my VeraPlus Hub, and created two new devices. The only tricky thing is figuring out which device is which switch, but I just plugged a phone charger into one side to see which side turned on and off – when you do, just rename the devices as ‘left outlet, right outlet’ or whatever. I also went ahead and created a virtual switch and scene so I could turn both on and off simultaneously.

    I ended up placing mine in the bedroom behind our bed, with each bedside light controlled independently. Also have my Vera linked into an Echo Dot for voice control. Every time I’ve asked for one or both lights to be turned on or off, the command has gone through nearly instantly (less than one second from command to reaction). I’m rather pleased that the operation has been so flawless, since it’d be a PITA to pull the bed out to get to it.

    – Quick Shipment
    – Easy Pairing
    – Reliable
    – Small form-factor, only blocks the bottom outlet on receptacle

    – No way to control both outlets simultaneously out of the box, but easy enough to create a virtual switch/scene to do so.

    Will probably pick up a couple more of these to use in rooms with multiple lamps, great for simulated presence security. Looking forward to seeing what else this company brings to market, need a little more innovation (and attention to form factor) in this space.

  2. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    cmack549 (ebay Review)

    Excellent choice for Wink and works flawlessly with Alexa, which is really cool

    The product was really simple to setup once I figured out the right settings within Wink. You actually have to go under the “Lights” section and then “ZWave Switch” for it to work. But, once I figured it out, the setup instructions in the box were all I needed (basically just press the middle button a few times during pairing and it syncs right up). Anyway, I definitely recommend this product and I also recommend this company – they are a great, locally owned business and are there to help!

    The one thing to note is that when you pair it, it will show up as 3 separate switches. I wasn’t sure if this was normal, so I asked the company and they responded quick and said yes, that’s normal. The main switch for some reason only controls one outlet, but I was able to put the two other switches into a group to turn off both outlets simultaneously.

    So, in a nutshell, I have two lights hooked up to it and can control them individually and together.

    Very good product!

  3. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    labwizard41g2 (ebay Review)

    Two smart switches for the price of one!

    Purchased the ZW37 Smart Outlet to try after looking for a solution to needing occasional power to a phonograph pre-amp and a Chromecast device that were both needing to be plugged in only when needed and were located in hard to access places in an entertainment center. I received the device very quickly after purchase and then set about connecting it up through my WINK hub as a Z-wave device. After reading the instructions, connection went easy and up and running in 10 minutes. After testing the connections a couple times, I then set up Robots to shut whichever side was running after a time frame in case I forgot to. I then tested each side and they both functioned perfectly. No more crawling on the floor to connect or disconnect devices I occasionally need connected., saving me the trouble, the devices the wear and tear and the power usage also. I love the flat design so as to not block other plugs so now I’m looking for other uses to buy a second one. You can’t beat the price for being able to control to separate devices individually!

  4. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Purchased the ZW37 Smart Outlet to try after looking for a solution to needing occasional power to a phonograph pre-amp and a Chromecast device that were both needing to be plugged in only when needed and were located in hard to access places in an entertainment center. I received the device very quickly after purchase and then set about connecting it up through my WINK hub as a Z-wave device. After reading the instructions, connection went easy and up and running in 10 minutes. After testing the connections a couple times, I then set up Robots to shut whichever side was running after a time frame in case I forgot to. I then tested each side and they both functioned perfectly. No more crawling on the floor to connect or disconnect devices I occasionally need connected., saving me the trouble, the devices the wear and tear and the power usage also. I love the flat design so as to not block other plugs so now I’m looking for other uses to buy a second one. You can’t beat the price for being able to control to separate devices individually!

  5. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    chesmer20082 (ebay Review)

    This product is three in one..main, right and left power on/off, perfect for side bed lamps. The set-up situation I had hard time at first attempted because of the smart things new version, but after I emailed the seller, gave the new step by step instructions and it took me 10 minutes to make it worked. Overall this 2 channel outlet is very good product, I felt getting three for price of one and the quality, so far I can’t complain about it.

  6. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Jon (Amazon Review)

    Works great with home assistant. 90 degree plug sockets means I could put it behind a table. Nice to be able to control inside Christmas decorations separate from the ones I have hanging in the window for outside. You might have an issue if you were trying to plug in a really big walwart, but it would have to be rather large. The convenience of the side sockets outweighs that small use case in my opinion.

  7. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Brock Roark (Amazon Review)

    Awesome product! It works seamlessly with my Smart Things hub and Alexa. Install was straightforward – I plugged it in and Smart Things found it. Given the low price I was honestly a little apprehensive about the quality, but it is top notch, it has two controllable outlets (which I really haven’t seen elsewhere), and it’s small, so it allows for your top outlet to be used.
    I bought to set a schedule for a hallway lamp for my kids, but it’s cool enough and works well enough that I plan on buying a couple more. Definitely recommend!

  8. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    dreieio (ebay Review)

    Great Z-Wave Smart Plugs with 2 Separately Controllable Plugs!

    This is an awesome smart plug. I have a few other manufacturer’s smart plugs but when I saw this newly released smart plug, I just had to have it. Utilizing just 1 outlet which leaves the other outlet available, this comes with two smart plugs one on each side of the device, so far as I know it is the only one of its kind. I quickly connected it to my Wink setup via Z-Wave Inclusion Mode and voila, I had two separately controllable smart outlets. Next I set this up on my Amazon Echo for some quick voice activation via Wink. Now I’m telling my Echo when to turn on my Christmas Tree lights and my Climbing Santa Claus just by saying “Alexa Tree On” and “Alexa Santa On”. Turning them off is just as simple.

    I liked this plug so much that I ordered a second plug and will probably get some more. At the price I paid for these awesome smart plugs they are a great bargain.

  9. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Marc G (Amazon Review)

    I ordered one of these because I was intrigued. Now I’ve ordered two more because these things are awesome. With just a small amount of setup…and I mean really small, you can fully integrate these two separately controlled outlets into your home automation ecosystem. I’m using SmartThings, but these will work with anything.

    I’m really looking forward that Inovelli will bring to the table moving forward. I’m already hearing rumours of a z-Wave rgbw bulb priced very competitively with some of the better known Zigbee players out there…and it’s z-Wave!

  10. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Craig Trunzo (Amazon Review)

    The small size matched with 2 independently controllable outlets makes this my new favorite zwave plugin module. It pairs easily to Wink as 2 new Binary Switches.

  11. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    mmartin (Amazon Review)

    Better than GE and Leviton Smart Plugs

    Ordered one of these after getting a few questions answered by the creator of the device. I was having issues with my Leviton smart plug and LED holiday lights. They would never go completely off with it. I got this, and my issues were resolved. It paired very quickly with my Wink hub. Will definitely order more in the future. This plug is A LOT better than the Leviton and GE ones by far.

  12. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazon Customer (Amazon Review)

    I should preface this by saying that I just got this in the mail today, so can’t speak to long term quality/issues, etc. And I would add that it took a little searching to figure out how to get this working with my SmartThings hub. It DOES work just fine, but when the hub searched and found just one device where I had expected 3 (from the comments and otherwise ample paper documentation), I was thinking it wasn’t working. Not true; turns out that it’s discovered by SmartThings as a single “Z-Wave Device Multichannel”. What you do from there, if you have a SmartThings version 2 hub, is that you go into the “Automation” part of your app and under “SmartApps” you “Add a SmartApp”, search that under the last choice on the list, “More”, and scroll towards the bottom and find “Multi-Channel Control”. Once you’ve added this SmartApp, now when you go back and look at your list of devices you’ll see two new devices named “Switch Endpoint 1” and “Switch Endpoint 2”. Rename those, figure out which is which, and voila!

    I very much appreciate a single device with two separately controllable z-wave plugs. I’ll have to get a little adapter for one of the two; having the plugs on the side is overall great, but one of the minor “plug brick” units I want to plug in won’t allow this unit to plug into the wall. This is the nature of things, however; if the plug projects out from the wall there are too often different problems; I like my GE branded smart plugs which also have side connections in general over the one Samsung branded plug that I got with my hub (where the cord projects out into the room).

    I don’t know how much of a difference it makes, but I also appreciate that this is device is Z-Wave ‘Plus’ certified. I’m hoping to use a contact sensor in my across-the-street mailbox, and the location of this particular plug means that it will be the most effective range extender (repeater) for my hub, and I believe that the ‘Plus’ standard allows for more range (?). Not sure, this is off the top of my head, but the more recent standard is still something I appreciate seeing (listed in the specs on the document that came with the product).

    While I give it 5 stars, if I could think of anything to improve this product, it would be to increase the max amperage. This is listed as 10 amp max total (not per outlet). 10 amps at 110 volts is 1100 watts — certainly more than adequate for lighting needs. But I could see a situation where I might want a small space heater or electric blanket. The GE units support up to I think about 1800 watts, which gives a little more flexibility for such uses. I acknowledge that this device isn’t marketed as for bigger appliances, but still — would be nice to have a version of this product, at least, that offers two z-wave plugs with more amperage.

    Still: thanks very much Inovelli for offering a very well thought out product.

  13. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    ambrown29 (ebay Review)

    Best smart outlet on the market.

    I have used several different z-wave and zigbee outlets and plug in modules. This unit is the best I have seen. It’s very responsive and works like advertised. The cost per smart outlet is half what the competition costs. I have each outlet on different smart apps and routines within SmartThings. I will be purchasing more for my home.

  14. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    sixtyfivetang (Amazon Review)

    Great product! I was looking for Z-Wave Plug switches. My requirements were fairly basic, Z-Wave Plus, good price and decent ratings. I found a few other items out there that fit my requirements, and the ones that did, I could not determine if i would get a version 1 or the new Plus as their documentation was poor. The others also had very large form factors, that were not as nice, small, or arranged where I could use the other wall outlet. I placed my order for two and they came fairly quickly. I am very pleased with my purchase. Syncing them up to HomeSeer was easy and if you didn’t notice not only is this probably the best price Z-Wave plug module, it also has TWO outlets, whether you need them or not.

    As you can see in the photos, the packaging is very nice and the physical unit is compact and ascetically pleasing. Functionally it works flawlessly.

    I’m very happy with my choice of this product.

  15. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    johnp7rpx (ebay Review)

    Works as expected. Getting 2 switches for the price of one

  16. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    dwon23 (ebay Review)

    Easy to install, and even better to use…thank you for the great shipping and innovative solution.

  17. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Justin McCoy (Amazon Review)

    Excellent product, two plugs in one for less cost than a single plug from the competition. I have been using it now for a week or so with a wink hub 2 and have had zero issues. Would definitely recommend as I plan on purchasing more. Only thing I wished was that they were officially supported by wink so that the third switch (dual port switch) could work properly with out having to use a robot.

  18. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    AJ307 (Amazon Review)

    Got this delivered 2 days ago and it works great. Love that the 2 outlets can be triggered separately unlike some other dual outlet devices out there (on this device they show up as 2 different device outlets when you pair it with a hub like smartthings) but also you can pair them in a “routine” so they can be triggered together with a common trigger or keyword if you want. Speaking of voice keywords a tip on using it with smarthings – if you are using smarthings with an Amazon Echo, Alexa recognizes both device and routine keywords but it sometimes gets confused on routine names that sound similar so it verifies twice. If you use Google Home, the google assistant currently only recognizes devices on the smartthings but not routines so you have to verbally trigger each outlet device with whatever name you gave each outlet. You cant verbally trigger them directly from Google Home as a pair. Now a quick hack workaround to all this is to use IFTTT and setup the same phrase on Alexa or Google Assistant to trigger each outlet device on the smartthings (i.e. create a custom recipe for each outlet on the device but with the same trigger phrase so both recipes get tiggered) so effectively you create an IFTTT routine that your Echo or Home can reliably trigger with a single voice command. None of this reflects on this smart plug device, it does what it says, but knowing some of these related system interoperability tips may help you get it setup better for your use case.

  19. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    paulrbeers (ebay Review)

    I’ve bought 4 of these and all work flawlessly. Very small and connected right up to my Wink Hub. The ability to control 2 devices for the same price as many single zwave switches makes these an amazing deal!

  20. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing product. Two outlets for the price of one which you can’t beat!

    I have it paired to Wink and have it automating two bed lamps that are connected to an outlet behind my bed.

    My wife and I have an Echo Dot in our room and with this plug, you can control the two outlets individually and simultaneously (via Wink robots) which is perfect for our situation. Some nights my wife goes to bed before me and some night me before her.. on the rare night we go to bed at the same time.

    We can say, “Alexa, turn off Wife’s Light” or “Alexa, turn off Husband’s light” or “Alexa, turn off bed lights” depending on the situation.

    I really love this product and am thankful for the easy setup instructions. However, I can’t seem to find them easily so I’ll post the link here:

    Thanks for a great product and I’m excited to see what you come out with next.

  21. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Garrett (Amazon Review)

    I buy a lot of products on Amazon and do not write nearly as many reviews as I should, but I have to take time to write one for this product because it has surpassed my expectations and allowed me to simplify my automation setup in a couple of areas freeing up other valuable home automation equipment for other applications.

    -Two outlets can be controlled independently! I have purchased other zwave outlets in the past (other brands) where there are two plugs only to find out later that only one can be controlled. This device lets you control one, or the other, or both!
    -Worked out of the box with no customization required on my Staples Connect V2 Hub!
    -Worked out of the box with no customization required on my Wink V1 Hub!
    -Worked out of the box on my Smartthings V2 hub, but did require a couple of minutes (under 5) of configuration in order to control the outlets independently. Samsungs UI for finding the SmartApp was annoying, but this device came with simple to follow instructions that made that task easier!
    -I have had automation setup to turn these on\off based on other sensors I have in my house such as motion and open\close sensors. I have these same sensors trigger other outlets from other brands such as GE Outdoor modules (using indoor) and Leviton Zwave outlets. The Show Home units worked exactly as they should every single time (three weeks into owning these). There was no lag between turning on or off the devices and the response time compared to the other devices is identical.
    -These act as a Zwave extender! I was able to remove my Aeon Labs extender from my shed by using one of these adapters in place of two GE Outdoor modules (literally replaced 3 separate devices with one freeing up valuable outlet space in my shed).
    -The cost of these outlets is cheaper than I could find any of the other outlets that I like (GE outdoor and Leviton)
    -Form factor. This device is just thicker than the wide of a standard outlet receptacle which makes putting it behind furniture really nice since the outlets are on the side. If installed on your bottom outlet you can still use the top one!

    -If you need to plug in a device that has a power supply brick as part of the plug you will not be able to plug it into this device unless you use an extension cord or other power extension cord like device.

  22. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark (Amazon Review)

    I first paired this with my Veralite UI5 – did not go well. Then I found in some of the online documentation the notation that it has been verified in UI7 only. Oh well.

    So I tried it with OpenHAB using a Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW090 Z Stick, Small, White, and with the proper configuration it is working fine. I’m running OH 1.8.3 with the z-wave binding 1.9.0. Though the device went through inclusion fine, the z-wave database included with 1.9.0 does not yet have this device in it. By updating the database with the info specific for this ZW37, I’m off to the races. Am able to control each side of the outlet independently, and through grouping you can control them together if desired.

    Time will tell if this has the reliability and durability that one expects.

  23. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    jetjane (ebay Review)

    Usually there is some “hick-up” with a z-wave product….this one is flawless. Nothing short of amazing in every way. Super easy setup and reliability.

  24. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Clay (Amazon Review)

    2 individual channels allows for controlling different devices from one plug. The form factor is as small as any plug in switches that I have seen yet and having them plug into the side is a big space saver. I am very pleased with the design and setup.

  25. Eric Hines
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Wayne Dye

    I paired with Smartthings and added to Alexa as well. Took a bit to figure out how to get it set up as multidevice but works great. It ran the Christmas lights this year. Bought one for my daughters dorm room and was going to buy one for a friend but they’re out of stock now. The dual control makes this versatile.

  26. Eric Hines
    Rated 4 out of 5

    ShuMo (Amazon Review)

    This unit was actually a positive surprise! While it declared that the 2 plugs could be used independently, I was skeptical. When it arrived, I used the api codes to make a new device type on my smartthings and it really worked well! I like this better than the TPLink’s I’ve been using – it was z-wave instead of WiFI, and it was an easy device to make work!
    I will definitely buy more of these as needed. During Xmas time, I’ve got extra devices to manage, like display lights, window lights etc. Instead of using a power strip and controlling that I can individually manage things. Quite a positive experience.

  27. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Schpeen (Amazon Review)

    Great seller!! Item was shipped quickly, and my communication with seller was quick and informative. I added to my Wink hub and I was up and running in under a minute. The cool thing about this plug is its a dual plug, and when you add it to Wink it shows as 1 main switch , or 2 separate switches. In Wink you can build a robot that when main switch is turned on or off it will activate both the plugs. Device has been working great for me. Also its much smaller then I thought it would be which is NIce!!!!

  28. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Cedric O. (Amazon Review)

    I love this thing. Like really love it.

    I’ve tried a few “Smart” plug-in outlets. The problem with most of them comes down to two problems. Either they block both wall outlets so you’re stuck with just the single plug or they’re crazy expensive (relatively speaking). Well, the Show Home/Inovelli 2 Channel plug-in has fixed both of those issues and you actually get two controllable outlets! I currently use it with a Wink Hub (v1), though considering switching to SmartThings (Story for a different day). Out of the box both outlets are not controllable simultaneously (all on/all off) via Wink like it does with SmartThings, but it was later discovered that using Wink Robots you can (thanks Wink User FB group).

    Alright, let’s get to the point that you actually care about. The thing works and it works consistently and fast. If you run into trouble, the seller offers amazing support. It works with Wink, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT Triggers and more I’m probably forgetting. Just get the dang thing, you won’t regret it.

  29. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeremy Martin

    Picked one of these z wave 2 channel switches and I must admit, I’m impressed. Fast shipping and great communication from the seller. If you have the need to get two items in close proximity onto you home automation system I don’t think there is a more cost effective way. I am using with a wink hub 2 and had no issues getting it to pair. It shows up as 3 switches, 1 for the right outlet, 1 for the left out let and in theory 1 that controls both. At least with the wink hub the one that controls both doesn’t function to do both but you can easily set-up a shortcut that can do both. For my needs I wouldn’t ever need to turn both on/off at the same time anyway. Really is a nice product.

  30. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Maggie (Amazon Review)

    Have had this product about a week now and works great! I use it with my Echo Dot and Smart Things Hub. With the Smart Things app I can control each outlet on the plug separately and I can use Alexa for voice commands to turn on/off. I travel for work frequently so I plan to use it with lamps and control them from the road, giving the illusion someone is home. Makes me feel a little safer and the convenience is great when I’m at home too.

  31. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Erik Cartagena (Amazon Review)

    Great smart outlet for SmartThings

  32. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony Delareto (Amazon Review)

    For the same price as most one socket you can plug 2 separate things in at the same time and control them separately !!!

  33. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    R. Strenger (Amazon Review)

    Finally, a smart device with 2 independently controlled sockets! This product is very concise and worked with my SmartThings hub along with Echo / Alexa. All that and at a great price too. Hard to beat. Highly recommended.

  34. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Neo (Amazon Review)

    Great product! Works extremely well with my SmartThings hub. Follow the online instructions to make the outlets work independently or together via wifi. Will definitely buy more in the future if needed.

  35. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Keller McBride (Amazon Review)

    Inovelli sent an email to me the day before the product arrived that contained links to PDFs and videos explaining how to connect the switch to various smart hubs (My SmartThings hub included.) I’m new to home automation and the step by step video greatly simplified installation for me. It also helped me understand how “multi-channel” switches work with SmartThings. I can turn on-off each outlet individually with separate control or hit a third button to toggle on/off both outlets simultaneously. Works as advertised.

  36. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    RadioMan (Amazon Review)

    This is third one that I have purchased and so far they are operating quite admirably. With the two separate programable outlets it makes for a nice reasonably priced and highly functional Z-Wave Plus device. They are easy to pair with the Vera Plus controller and easily fit behind furniture as the outlets are on the side. I find these appliance modules more versatile than the lamp dimmer modules as many, not all, LED bulbs are either not dimmable or emit buzzes/hums if they are listed as dimmable. My recommendation would be to give one of these a try. Great price and 2 Z-Wave Plus controllable outlets in a UL approved package.

  37. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazonian (Amazon Review)

    Really Great! A bit smaller than what I expected, but you won’t get complaints about that from me! Really happy with this device and I highly recommend it. It connected VERY easily to my zwave network. The only odd thing is that this switch comes up as 3 switches… not 2. A bit odd, but who cares. I would highly recommend this to anybody who wants a 2 channel switch the works well and is not too large. It is also a pretty quiet click compared to the other ones that use elephant relays.

  38. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Luciano T. (Amazon Review)

    Excellent product. Very easy to follow installation guide. Very good price as well!

  39. Eric Hines
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Sean (Amazon Review)

    So far so good. Just paired it to my smartthings hub using the instruction video on YouTube. Works as expected. I set up some simple rules and even was able to control each channel using my Google Home.I will definitely be grabbing more of these soon.

  40. Eric Hines
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Jim Janssens

    Ordered two of these from Amazon. The day it was shipped I received an email from Inovelli on how to install and a link to their web site with further video’s. Now comes the good part. I have a Smart Things hub and it paired just fine but after adding the multi-channel smart app it did not provide the 2nd channel. Was trying everything and getting a little upset when up came an e-mail from Inovelli saying there was a problem with the Smart Thing App. Apparently a Smart Thing upgrade did not go well and Smart Things was working on it. Inovelli told me to keep the outlets and refunded my money for the inconvenience even though it was Smart Things problem. Last week I received an email telling me the problem was fixed with links and instructions. This time everything went in smoothly and am extremely happy with the product and even more impressed with the company. This will be the first place I go for future products and wish Inovelli great success in the future.

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