Our Top Z-Wave Smart Home Products for 2017

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Z-Wave Smart Home Products | LED Smart Light Bulbs

Smart Light Bulbs

Check out our RGBW Wireless Lightbulbs

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors

Check out our Door, Gas, Smoke, Temperature, & Window Sensors

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart Plug In Outlets and Modules

Smart Plug-In Outlets

Check out our 2-Channel, Dimmer, On/Off, and Power-Meter Modules

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart In-Wall Switches

Smart In-Wall Switches

Check out our Dimmer, and On/Off Switches

Z-Wave Smart Home Products | Smart In-Wall Outlets

Smart In-Wall Outlets

Check out our On/Off, and Power-Meter Outlets

Even more Smart Home Products are coming soon!

DIY Home Automation Systems

Starter Kits

The Best Smart Home Products & Devices (2017)

It can be tough building your first smart home or apartment. Which home automation system should you go with? What smart home technology should you use? What do those questions even mean?! We had the same thoughts on our journey down the path of constructing our smart home… seriously.

Smart Home Devices that work with SmartThings, Wink, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home, Nest & More…

Why do we believe we have the best smart home devices and best home automation systems? Quite simple. We’ve searched the world for suppliers who are able to design to our standards, and handpicked only the best. In addition, we’ve ensured our products work across home automation platforms such as SmartThings, Wink, Alexa, and many, many more, allowing for seamless integration regardless of your Hub of choice.

Z-Wave Plus Certified Smart Home Products

All of our products are all Z-Wave Plus Certified (which call for the forward and backward compatibility with all Z-Wave products, regardless of the brand or year manufactured) and each of our products are currently used every day by our team-members.  They’ve become part of their houses, part of their lives, and part of their journey in making their lives simpler.

Using Home Automation Products with Apple (iOS) or Android via IoT

All of our smart home products work with your Android or Apple phone (possibly Windows phone — do they still exist?). Use your apple watch or android wear to control your home automation product with your voice. How cool is that, Mr. Bond? For every product, we will have video and written tutorials for Android and Apple so you can get your smart device up and running.

Smart Home Gadgets that You Can Install Yourself in Less than 5 Minutes… Seriously.

Best DIY Home Automation System 2017 — Best DIY Smart Home System 2017. Those two search terms dominate Google right now.  Why? Because people want to be able to do things on their own at a fraction of the cost.  There are may benefits to installing your own Home Automation system and we’re here to help.

On top of that, people want something that is plug-n-play, and EVERY Smart Home product we put out, has a QR code on the package, that links directly to step-by-step written and video tutorials made specifically for your individual HUB. For an example, see our NZW37 Quick Setup Page for SmartThings.

From automating your lights, to turning a fan on based on the temperature, we’re here to help. We love Home Automation (especially Z-Wave Home Automation) and we love tinkering with new ideas. With technology changing every day, we’re here to sort through what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to.

Simplifying lives, one smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli®.

Top Smart Home Products in the USA

Z-Wave Smart Home Automation Products for Renters

A vast majority of people rent in today’s day and age.  We’ve been there, and we’ve also enjoyed it.  The problem is, that most high-end home automation products and systems are designed around owning a home.  We believe that the best home automation systems are not always the fanciest looking ones, but ones that are portable, highly functional, and provide a solution to everyday problems (first world problems that is… #realtalk).

Home Automation for Apartments, Condos, Flats, etc

When we were in the brainstorming phase of deciding which home automation products to procure, we kept this at the forefront:

  • Home automation products that can be moved wherever you go
  • Home automation systems that work with multiple brands making it easy to build your own ecosystem, even if not all products are our products
  • Smart home products that offer something unique and differentiated from other home automation products
  • Finally, smart home devices that everyone can afford… seriously