What is Z-Wave Home Automation

At Inovelli®, we want to make sure your Smart Home is actually smart. This sounds cliche, but each of us has spent many nights on the couch due to building a, “smart home” with products that look flashy, install easily, but end up as nothing more than a picture on social media with the caption, “How do I get this to work”?

It wasn’t until we discovered Z-Wave Technology that we really understood what true interoperability was. Z-Wave Home Automation changed the way we viewed the smart home. No more waiting 10 seconds for your, “smart” light to turn on. No more, “Your Switch is Offline”. Finally, best of all, no more sleeping on the couch.

We want you to experience what Z-Wave Technology can do for you and below we’ve answered the age old question, “What is Z-Wave Home Automation”, explained some of the benefits of Z-Wave, and wrapped up the page with some additional resources. Enjoy!

Z-Wave Home Automation Technology is Interoperable

What is Z-Wave Technology?

This is the question asked by over 100 people a month according to Google. Quite simply:

The Z-Wave protocol is an interoperable, wireless, RF-based communications technology designed specifically for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments. Mature, proven and broadly deployed (with over 50 million products sold worldwide), Z-Wave is by far the world market leader in wireless control, bringing affordable, reliable and easy-to-use ‘smart’ products to many millions of people in every aspect of daily life.

Z-Wave Alliance

One of the qualities that separates this protocol (technology) from the others, is the fact that the Z-Wave Alliance mandates that all products sold under the Z-Wave name, are certified to work with each other, regardless of year manufactured and brand name. This means that if you invest in any Z-Wave Products now, or in 5-10 years, your new products will still work together cohesively. This also means that you are not tied down to one manufacturer. Smart Home Companies come and go, and you should never be tied to one. With Z-Wave, your Show Home™ products, will work with your Inovelli® products, which will work with your (insert Z-Wave brand name here — there are over 350 companies to choose from) products. This also means you won’t need 100 different HUB’s to control various devices!

The Benefits of Z-Wave (and the Z-Wave Protocol) for your Smart Home

As we entered into the Home Automation market, we looked over the various protocols (see Zigbee vs Z-Wave Home Automation) and really boiled down Z-Wave Technology to the following eight (8) qualities. While some of the other protocols have some of these qualities, none have all eight (8) and that’s why we settled on Z-Wave as our Smart Home protocol.

Z-Wave Interoperability


If a product is Z-Wave Certified, it will work with any other Z-Wave Home Automation Product regardless of the year it was manufactured, regardless of the brand name, and regardless of the Z-Wave version (including the new Z-Wave Plus 500 chip). 

Z-Wave Home Automation Has No Interference

No Interference

The Z-Wave protocol runs on a separate frequency band (908.42 MHz) than the rest of the Home Automation protocols (ZigBee, WiFi and Bluetooth all run on the same frequency band), which means no interference with your WiFi network, which ultimately means faster communication to the HUB and no lag.

Z-Wave Utilizes Mesh Networking

Mesh Network

The more Z-Wave Home Automation products you have in your home, the stronger the Z-Wave signal gets and the farther it can travel. This is because certain Z-Wave devices act as signal repeaters, which amplify the signal from one Z-Wave device to another, and finally to the HUB.

Z-Wave is a Low Power Protocol

Low Power

A smart home is supposed to save you energy, not add to it. Z-Wave Technology utilizes Low Powered RF communications technology that supports full mesh networks without the need for a coordinator node. In non-nerd terms, it communicates with other devices using minimal power, saving your batteries and power consumption.

Z-Wave is a Wireless Solution


Gone are the days where the smart home meant running wires throughout the house. The world has evolved and so has your smart home. With Z-Wave Home Automation, there are no wires, and all Z-Wave products run on their own wireless frequency (908.42 MHz).

Z-Wave Uses AES-128 Security


Your Smart Home is only as secure as your weakest device. Luckily, Z-Wave supports AES-128 encryption which is the same technology used by the U.S. Government to protect classified information (not sure if this helps or hurts our cause!) but also the 128 means that it would take 2128 different combinations to break the encryption key, which is out of reach for even the most powerful computers.

DIY Z-Wave Home Automation

Easy to Install

Z-Wave Home Automation products are designed to be installed as any other DIY Home Automation product. Be it Z-Wave Plug-In Modules that are literally plug and play, or Z-Wave Door Sensors that take less than 5-min to set up, our products come with step-by-step written and video instructions, getting you set up in no time!

Z-Wave Home Automation Technology Works with Others

Plays Nice

The great thing about being the world market leader in wireless control, is that many large companies want to be compatible with Z-Wave Home Automation Technology. This includes some of the biggest names in Home Automation: Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Vera, HomeSeer, and many more.