Plug-In Smart Outlets

On/Off Smart Outlet

Remotely control one smart outlet from anywhere in the world

2-Channel Smart Outlet

Remotely control two smart outlets from anywhere in the world

Dimmer Smart Outlet

Remotely dim lamps and lights from anywhere in the world

Energy Smart Outlet

Monitor your energy usage with this unique plug-in smart outlet

We know it’s hard choosing from such a lineup of smart outlets, but we’re here to help!  Our on/off outlet remotely controls one device, while our 2-Channel outlet can control two separate devices.  Aside from those, there’s a dimmer outlet and an outlet that measures your power consumption saving you from high electricity bills.

In addition to our Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Outlets, we offer Z-Wave Power-strip Smart Outlets!  Choose from one that has two controllable outlets, or one that allows you to control five outlets (but wait… there’s more) AND has two pass-through USB outlets.