Obligatory "(still) happy to be a tester if you meed them" post.

— BertABCD1234

Are you, uh, generally looking for beta testers?

— dmcc

Please add me to the list of volunteers!

— mamber

Let me know if you want another guinea pig. I've got a perfect central closet to play with.

— fatherdoctor

Would be more than happy to help with the beta testing from Canada on Hubitat, Hue or Alexa.

— SViel

Will the existing notification animations that exist on the red series dimmer still be the same on the blue series?

— Mop_Zero

Any chance that the holes for the grounding screw for the case could be open to allow for a single wire to loop in and then back out again while still providing wire guidance for the, "normal" installations?

— BuilderTroy

Will these allow for association with a Zigbee bulb?

— tangelogee

Any chance the switch will support Zigbee Binding? Would be great to be able to bypass the hub if needed and communicate directly to the lights on the network.

— JefforsonBledsoe

There was a topic a while back discussing the smoothness of the dimming function of the Red Series dimmers. Can we expect any improvement in the dimming performance?

— quinnjudge