Made by us, crafted by you.

While we physically make the switches, the entire process is created by 1,000's of community members across the US and Canada, which we like to call our secret weapon.
Our Strategy


In a market where technology can quickly become outdated, it's important to build a product that's future-proof. To accomplish this, we believe in the power of community and, "open sourcing" our projects.

In our opinion, it's better to have 1,000's of people overlooking a project, than one as each person brings a skillset that, when combined, can help create the best products.

Below we'll walk through an example of how our Blue Series 2-1 Switch came to life.

Project Kickoff

Public Discussion.

After we've decided on a product to bring to life, we work on a Project Request Document (PRD) that we'll release publicly for review and open discussion.

Once we land on a good spot with the PRD, we present it to multiple manufacturers for review and to receive a quote and ultimately select a manufacturer.

Here's the original PRD for reference: Project New Horizon PRD

Beta Testing

Road to Perfection.

Our beta testers are amazing. Not only do they share the same passion for home automation, they share the same drive to make the best products for everyone. After all, these are going in their houses too.

We cover all the major hubs (Amazon, SmartThings, Home Assistant, Hubitat, etc) and ensure compatibility. In fact, most of the time, we're the ones that drive innovation at the hub level, which in turn moves the industry forward.


Bringing it home.

After many hours of community discussion and internal testing, it's time to sign off on the project. We do this by collecting signatures from anyone who's worked on the project and put them inside the product box.

While production is in progress, we share pictures of the process for people to follow along. All the way until the product lands at Inovelli HQ for shipment.

Post Launch

Future proofing.

We don't stop once production has finished and the product is in everyone's hands. Our mission is to create the best products and that means continuous improvement.

As soon as a product is launched, we create a new thread that captures requested enhancements, bugs, and other ideas. This allows us to always be ahead of our competition and serve up the best products at all times.

In fact, our Red Series Dimmer switch that was produced in 2019, won the award for Most Popular Switches & Dimmers and Product of the Year in 2021.

The above video is the final depiction of Zigbee bindings which was one of the most popular requests for this switch and easily the hardest to achieve.

The above video is a response to a feature requested by a community member where he suggested the ability to tap to turn on music (Request / Response).