DIY Z-Wave Home Automation

Z-Wave Home Automation at its finest.

Remotely control two devices from anywhere in the world.
Individual control of two separate outlets + Z-Wave Repeater.
One module.

Meet the 2-Channel Smart Plug

Z-Wave Home Automation - NZW1201

A DIY Z-Wave Home Automation Door + Temp Sensor under $25? Yep.

Use it to trigger events of over 1700 devices

Meet the Door & Temperature Sensor

Outdoor Z-Wave Module for Home Automation

Take Your Home Automation Technology Outdoors (IP65 Rated)!

Control 1 or 2 Outlets Individually in One Module. #smart

Coming Soon!

One of the Best Z-Wave Home Automation Companies of 2017

Inovelli® is proud to offer some of the best smart home products from around the world.  We’re excited to bring some of the top home automation systems to you, in hopes of making your life simpler.  Home Automation is our passion.  It’s our purpose.  It’s our way of life.  Simpifying lives, one smart home product at a time, that’s Inovelli®. Below is a snapshot of what we offer as a company — we’re excited to serve you and your Home Automation needs.

Home Automation + The Z-Wave Alliance = Fully Interoperable Products

Home Automation + The Z-Wave Alliance = Fully Interoperable Products

Being a full member of the Z-Wave Alliance means that you as a consumer are getting fully compatible Z-Wave products, which have been independently certified and tested to work with all Z-Wave compatible devices (both old and new Z-Wave devices).  Yes, you read that right… all Z-Wave home automation products and technology are both forward and backward compatible, making them some of the most versatile Home Automation Products  and Technology out there.

We offer some of the best z-wave smart switches, smart sensors, smart plugs, smart light bulbs, and more.

What is Z-wave? The difference between Z-Wave & Z-Wave Plus? Or Z-Wave vs Zigbee? Click on the questions to the left (or top) for more information.

All Inovelli Z-Wave Home Automation Products are Z-Wave Plus Certified

All of Our Smart Home Products are Z-Wave Plus Certified

What’s better than a Z-Wave Home Automation product? A Z-Wave Plus HA Product! All of our products come with the latest technology Z-Wave has to offer (with their 500 Series Chipset).

What this means to you is that your Z-Wave Plus Products will give you a 67% increase in range, a 50% improvement in battery life, 250% more bandwidth, and much more over Gen4 (Classic Z-Wave).

At Inovelli®, we are not just a business, we are you. We are consumers that have our own smart homes and we want to offer you what we’d want. Truly the best smart home products that are innovative and sold at prices that are below the competition. For more information on what we stand for, check out our Inovelli® brand page. Happy Home Automating!

Z-Wave Home Automation Technology From Around the World

Z-Wave Home Automation Technology From Around the World

We’ve scoured the world for the best home automation products and technology we could find.  From Europe to Asia and back, we’ve hand-picked what we believe to be the best smart home products and technology around.

Don’t get us wrong, there are many amazing smart home companies out there.  In fact, we’ve gained inspiration from many and hope to partner with them as our business grows.

Our mission is to provide the everyday consumer with the best home automation products and technology we can find at a price that you can afford.  We want to make the world a simpler place through home automation technology and home automation systems.

Z-Wave Home Automation DIY Projects, Products & Systems

Z-Wave Home Automation DIY Projects, Products & Systems

How awesome would it be to have a fully automated house?  We’re talking lights that come on when you pull in the driveway.  Outdoor smart lights that turn off an hour before sunrise.  Holiday lights that turn on automatically, showing your neighbors how patriotic you are.  A coffee machine that turns on when you wake up (with our smart plug-in modules).  All this without you even thinking about it.

But this is just the beginning, smart home technology is at its infancy, and we’re excited to offer you some of the best do it yourself home automation systems for android and ios out there.

We promise to offer you top smart home products and technology that is competitive, smart home products and technology that is priced fairly, and smart home products and technology that makes life simpler.