Last week, we were affected by a couple large tornadoes and our employees houses suffered heavy damage, so please be patient with tickets and shipping. We just returned to the office this week, but will be in/out to deal with insurance and repairs.


Community built smart home products.

We take a different approach to building smart home products -- we work together with our community of thousands to create the best smart home products. This allows us to constantly release products people love, firmware people contribute their ideas to, and seamless integration with your favorite smart home hubs.

Smart Switches

Dimmer, On/Off, Presence & More

Smart Modules

Fan & Light Canopy Modules


Shirts, Hats, Posters, Mugs & More

Built by 1,000's of Smart Home Owners

Luxury at its finest

Complete your smart home

Blue Series (Zigbee) - Smart Dimmer
Blue Series (Zigbee) Smart Fan/Light Canopy Module

8 Different Color Faceplates

Choose Your Style