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Red Series Fan + Light Switch

Double LED Notifications, up to 18 Scenes and Energy Monitoring.

Designed With You in Mind

Welcome to the Next Generation of smart switches. You wanted more for your smart home. You wanted more options and more choices. We wanted more for our homes too but couldn't find it. So we thought, why not just create it ourselves?

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Scene Control

Set the thermostat, lock the doors and turn off the lights. Run a goodnight scene right from your Red Series Fan + Light Switch. Yeah, it can do that.

Real Time Notifications

Can't remember if you left your garage door open past 8pm? Did you forget to turn the basement lights off? Your Red Series Fan + Light Switch can blink green to let you know what is most important to you, while the second LED bar alerts you of other notifications. Yeah, it can do that too.

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Smart Bulb Capable

No more tape or sticky notes covering your light switches. Gain full control over your smart bulbs. By disabling the internal relay of the Red Series Fan + Light Switch, your lights will maintain their routines. Yeah, it does that too.

Made For You

We are smart home owners just like you. We wanted more options and more choices too. The Red Series Fan + Light Switch created by us, was made just for you.

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Simplifying your life, one smart home product at a time.

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What People Are Saying

YOU ARE THE @#$!@##@$!@ BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

those 3 bulbs were for my mother, who I introduced to smart home devices last year and you can imagine, every time something goes wrong she doesn't know how to deal with whatever is happening and makes her very frustrated. I originally purchased some other zigbee bulbs, which are very nice, indeed, but we live in the dominican republic, where occasional power outages are common. such a hassle! the moment I saw ilumin bulbs retained their last state, they won me instantly.

F.A.C. Mar 20, 2020

Purchased: Ilumin RGBW Bulbs

Best customer service, best switch, best 3way installation

I've put about 50 switches in my home, ranging from most lutron models to GE and zooz and others. This is by far my favorite for this reason: CUSTOMER SERVICE...

Bob W. Jan 10, 2019

Purchased: Black Series On/Off Switch

...why do I think Inovelli is better than the rest?

First off, these switches are easy to install if you are somewhat an electrician. If you can read a wiring diagram you are already there..., their support is exceptional...

Kyle S. Feb 18, 2019

Purchased: Red Series Dimmer Switch