Project Linus

Zigbee mmWave Presence Smart Switch fully funded in just over 24hrs! Help us fund a Z-Wave 800 Series version by visiting the link below. Time is limited.
Lighting Redefined.

Each light switch is equipped with award winning firmware, stunning hardware, and over six years of innovation. From animated notifications to multi-tap technology, take your smart lighting to a whole new level with Inovelli.

Animated notifications.

Know when your garage is left open, your alarm is armed, there's severe weather, there's motion at the front door and more.

Scene Control.

Set up a series of multi-taps to activate your favorite scenes (ie: double-tap turns off all lights, locks doors, and shuts the garage).

Smart Bulb Mode.

Control smart bulbs from your switch, even if they're directly wired to it.
crafted by us, made by you.

Inovelli takes a different approach to creating smart home products. We do it with you every step of the way. Learn about how our products come to life with the help of 1,000's of passionate community members across the US and Canada.