One Team, Two Cities.

Meet The Team.

Your eyes are not decieving you... there's four of us. We may be small, but we're utility players and can handle anything thrown at us. We're equally as passionate about home automation and love working alongside our thriving community of smart home owners to put the best products in our own homes. Thank you for your support and we look forward to chatting with you online or seeing you at trade-shows.

Eric H. - CEO / Founder
Eric M. - CTO / Founder
Courtney W. - Sr. Operations Manager
Alex M. - Tech Support / Logistics

The Community.

Our team isn't just Inovelli employees, but the 1000's of community members who actively build our products with us. In fact, this is a picture of the Project New Horizon beta testers after a successful launch (kidding, it's a stock photo). In all seriousness, we wouldn't be who we are without them and we invite you to join us!